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Turkey Sandwiches

Unique and tasty combos?

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  1. for some reason turkey and avacado are a perfect match for me.

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      Agree 100%. My idea of a perfect turkey sandwich is roasted turkey on wheat bread with mayo and a dab of dijon mustard, avocado, swiss cheese and lettuce.

      Last week I was sort of hooked on a variation of the above -- toasted sourdough english muffins, topped with mayo and sliced avocado, then smoked turkey slices and finished with swiss. Run under the broiler until swiss is melted. Yum!

      Of course there is always the basic post-Thanksgiving breakfast: toasted sourdough english muffins, buttered, and topped with freshly sliced roasted turkey.

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        Turkey, mayo, salt and pepper on cranberry pecan bread (Challah dough with Craisins and pecans mixed in).

        1. When I crave a sweet and savory sandwich, I make a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce or the cranberry mustard spread,alfalfa sprouts,"thinnly" sliced granny smith apples,on bread of your choice. I usually like it on dutch crunch bread with or without mayo.

          1. Trader Joe's sells a fabulous roasted red pepper spread. I love that on turkey sandwiches.

            1. Creole mustard, a little mayo, garden tomato on lightly toasted sourdough.


              1. the wild oats by my house makes a good smoked turkey caesar sandwich. (they use Annie's Natural caesar dressing which I love)

                turkey pesto and dried cranberries on a good crusty bread

                hot turkey sandwiches .. turkey & gravy heated up served on a piece or two of toast.

                turkey cream cheese and strawberry jam on sourdough :)

                1. turkey, pepperoncinis, melted cheddar, and lettuce on a toasted french roll
                  turkey, artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes and gruyere - panini style on thick focaccia
                  turkey, bacon, avacodo spread, tomatoes, sprouts, oil & vinegar on whole wheat bread
                  turkey, roasted red peppers, smoked gouda and basil

                  1. The classic - white bread, untoasted, slathered with Miracle Whip, piled high with turkey.

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                      Love it! Love you! Bold, brash, and brave. But wouldn't eat it. I'd have to have mayo, salt, black pepper, and iceburg lettuce! With the white bread and piled high turkey,

                    2. I got a really good recipe out of the Silver Palate Cookbook for cranberry conserve. It is so good, I make this and then jar it. I will roast a turkey breast, with a little stuffing just because.. and then make sandwiches for hubby's lunch. We also love the turkey with baco, white onion, and avocado on wheat with sprouts. Ohhh... I'm buying one this weekend!!!
                      Oh and of course Hot Browns!

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                          yup. I chop the bacon in little pieces.so gooood...

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                          My favorite cranberry sauce: Place in a nonreactive pot: 1/4 cup minced shallots, grated rind of 1 orange, 1 cup Bourbon. Cook on med-low about 10 min. Add 1 cup sugar and 1 pkg cranberries and cook another 10 min. Put in a glass bowl, when cool, refrigerate.

                        3. I've been experimenting with some different cheeses on my daily turkey sandwich lately. Two of my favorites are:

                          1. Dill havarti (can be overpowered if you like to pile the turkey) and
                          2. Smoked gouda! (ohhhh yum! Too bad it sticks together...)

                          1. When I had my restaurant, one of our signature sandwiches was a Turkey Cobb on Foccacia Bread.

                            We corn-flaked breaded and deep-fried slices of turkey breast and served them with homemade avocado spread, bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and peppered bacon. Yum!

                            Our Turkey Marketing Board loved it and had it posted on their website.

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                              Ummm....could you send me one of those sandwiches right now? I would be eternally grateful...

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                                that sounds fantastic, i'm definitely going to try that one at home
                                btw, what restaurant?

                              2. Italian bread, turkey and cranberry sauce

                                1. Not sure how unique, but on wheat bread, with cranberry sauce, mayo, sprouts, lettuce, and sunflower seeds.

                                  1. Roman Meal Wheat

                                    Leftover Roasted Turkey

                                    Best Foods

                                    Salt & Pepper

                                    Crushed up plain Lays Potato Chips

                                    Glass of cold milk


                                    1. Roasted red peppers and goat cheese.

                                      1. turkey with green tomato relish, on toasted bread.

                                        1. I didn't think this was unique, but I don't see it.

                                          Turkey with cranberry sauce and cream cheese on a good quality home-style bread. I wish I made it up, but I discovered it at a now defunct local restauant and made it my own.

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                                          1. Turkey, brie, Granny Smith apple slices and honey mustard on any crusty bread.

                                            1. There's a gourmet sandwich place right near my work that makes two of my favorite turkey sandwiches. The first one is turkey, havarti cheese, grilled vegetables, and honey mustard on multi-grain bread. The second one is turkey, american cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes with a pesto mayo a sesame seed hero roll. YUMMY!!!

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                                                What kind of turkey is everyone using? I hate processed meat and its not everyday we have leftover turkey from the roasted bird.... What are you guys buying??

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                                                  real roasted turkey--I still prefer it with cranberry sauce on crusty bread

                                              2. Turkey, poppyseed dressing, spinach, thinly sliced red onions, and swiss on Honey Whole Wheat. Yum

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                                                  Turkey with either pepper jack cheese or a good brie, on TJ's foccacia bread, run under a broiler open faced, and hten topped with another slice of focciacia... is it lunch yet?

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                                                    when you say real roasted turkey do you mean the kind they slice at the deli counter in the food store?

                                                2. Just had on on Sunday and have been craving it since. . .

                                                  smoked turkey on toasted whole wheat, dijon mustard on the turkey side, serrano mayonnaise on the veggie side, with provolone,romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado. So good!

                                                  1. I like a turkey sandwich with thin sliced "real" turkey, muenster cheese, and a spread made with mayonaisse, curry, and Earl Grey's mango chutney...all on toasted bread