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Feb 8, 2007 07:22 AM

For those who like Red Light...

What do you like to order there? I'm going next weekend and want to make sure I try the best dishes. One note, I don't eat red meat and my tastes lean towards seafood.
Thanks for any help!

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  1. Can't go wrong with any of the appetizers, but be sure to try the Black Tie Sesame Shrimp. Seafood wise, the whole catfish is a pretty impressive presentation - a HUGE whole fried catfish comes out, table-side fileting by the waiter. The salmon is pretty good, especially with the udon underneath, but feels very small compared to the catfish. The sweet potato fries are an awesome table side dish/conversation snacker. If anyone in your party does go for the steak, suggestion is to ask for the sauce on the side, the same goes for all the other KDK Restaurants, they seem to over-do it a bit on the sauces. Mango martini to go with dinner too.

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      Thanks Skinnychef! That's very helpful. Anyone have a dessert recommendation?

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        Hands down, THE dessert is Jackie's Chocolate Bag! White Chocolate Mousse in a Bittersweet Bag with fresh berries..... As beautiful as it is delicious! [Jackie created the Chocolate Bag many years ago at her late eponymous restaurant in Lincoln Park.]

        My experiences at Red Light indicate that the house tends to specialize in seafood and poultry..... Those are what I would choose there.

    2. Not and appetizer, but a side dish that for me is a must have is the wrinkled green beans and the best dessert in my opinion that they offer is the Jackie's chocolate bag. It is very very rich so you could easily share this with another person, possibly even 2. The "bag" is very made out of very thick, dense and rich chocolate and is really wonderful.

      Can't help you much on the dinner selection. I think that they have the best Kung Po in the city so I usually get this.

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        Forgot about dessert!! Will second Corrine's suggestion of the Chocolate Bag, actually only dessert I've ever gotten there! Unless you have a big sweet tooth, definetly meant to be shared. The duet of chocolate should be pretty good too, sister restaurant Marche does a wonder chocolate trio in a similar fashion.

      2. I went there and loved everything
        I especially enjoyed the 2 currys that we had at the table
        Very spicy but great
        Chocolate bag very good other desserts not as great

        1. you have to try a mango martini (they are frozen, but fabulous). you should also try various appetizers, including: black tie sesame shrimp, paper wrapped seared ahi tuna, and the lobster mango spring rolls if you like seafood. they are all great.