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Feb 8, 2007 06:54 AM

Sunday Noon meal for 11 people

We will be in Boston for the weekend and want to have lunch/brunch with our family on Sunday. Where should we go that will be moderately priced, accomodate teens who are picky eaters and folks who like good food? We are open to different types of food-- American, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, thai. Some of us are driving in and others are taking public transportation or walking. Ability to make a reservation for noon is essential, as we have to get to the airport.

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  1. How about dim sum in Chinatown? Places like Chau Chow, Hei La Moon, and China Pearl all do dim sum, have plenty of space for large groups, and all kinds of foods from Americanized to authentic Chinese.

    Parking is a bit tough, though there are large lots just across the Fort Point Channel as well as in the financial district, both of which are nearby.

    1. Dim sum would be my knee jerk recommendation, too, though I don't know if they take reservations.

      Depending upon what "moderately priced" means to you, I think the Blue Room brunch would satisfy all other requirements. It's on the pricier side ($23), but it isn't champagne-brunch expensive.

      Sample menu items on their website here:

      Another option might be Eastern Standard Kitchen.


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        I haven't been to the Blue Room in years since moving to Philly- but is it still crowded for brunch? I always found it hard to navigate.

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          I was there maybe a month or two ago, and found it to be well trafficked but not crowded. There were always people in line filling their plates with something, but I never had to wait to do so myself.


      2. Hi
        I was going to suggest China town too. I like East Ocean City (great Chinese style seafood) or the Peach Farm. Both can take a large party and the prices are reasonable as long as you don't get too carried away and order a lot of the live seafood dishes.

        1. You might try the Elephant Walk in Boston on the Brookline line. They have a brunch buffet or you can order off the menu for Cambodian or French. They take reservations and can assist with parking plus the Green line is right there- St Mary's T stop, The C Line is pretty reliable and there is a cab stand in emergencies. I've seen moderate size family groups eating there at Sunday lunch and the food is good.

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            I reserved at Elephant Walk on Beacon Street. Thanks very much for the suggestions. I really appreciate the help.