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A few days in Burlington, Vt alone

I am heading to Burlington this weekend for a job interview on Monday morning. Looking for a couple places that I can go by myself to have good food without breaking the bank.


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  1. The first place to try is Taste. If you are dining alone or with others you will be well cared for there. They have a very nice bar that you can eat at, there are tables in the bar with a flat screen TV. They also have a few dining rooms for a little more private setting. The food is very good as are the wines and martini's. It is located on Lake St....a little work to find at first but worth it.
    Trattoria D'Elia is on St. Paul ST. Kind of a hidden door to get in, dark inside but a nice place...interesting Italian wines...try the pasta and shrimp baked in parchment paper. Tehy also have a nice bar that you can dine at if you wish.
    L'Amante's is on College ST. This is another Italian restaurant, but different than "Tratt".
    A little more progressive menu...nice wines and they also have a bar to eat at.
    There a re many other options.
    SmokeJack's a contempory style restaurant right on the corner of Church and Main.
    Sotne Soup, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant...very casual beer and wine, counter service with tables, some communal.....Nice lunch place food is good.
    RiRa, a Irsh pub style restaurant, that does a hell of a bar bussiness.
    There are so many more.....what are your preferences?
    I think the best place to start would be "Taste" on Lake St. You will not be dissapointed.

    1. Well, it depends on your budget. John gave some great choices (what I would suggest!), some others are:

      • for sushi there is Sakura's on Church St. and Asiana House around the corner. Both really good, fresh sushi restaurants. I like both.
      • If you're interested in just a good meal that isn't going to break the bank, go to Rusty Scuffer on Church St. It's a steak and seafood restaurant, nothing fancy, iceburg lettuce salads, but inexpensive and good. A relaxing atmosphere. This is my go-to restaurant when I can't decide, they serve pretty much anything.
      • Daily Planet-this tucked out of the way restaurant gets overlooked way too many times. Really good dinners, moderately priced.

      I would recommend to staying away from Sweetwaters (haven't eaten there in years and from what I've heard, don't want to!). Just MHO.

      If you do a search on the Board you'll come up with a ton more suggestions. Good luck on the job interview!

      1. Just remembered, The Green Room, on St. Paul Street. It's wonderful food, great drinks, atmosphere is a little odd (green!), but all in all, I've had wonderful experiences there.

        1. Gosh, I really should get my thoughts together before I write!

          Another new spot for breakfast and lunch is Magnolia. It's tucked in an alley off of St. Paul Street. Very healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch choices, and REALLY good coffee!

          1. I second L'Amante and Taste- Just made a reservation at Taste for Valentine's Day- Their menu looks fabulous- I've never been there on an "event" night. 5 courses for $45 per person sounds very reasonable- I've seen many set menus at $65ish around town.
            Here's a link to the menu for Valentine's Day-


            1. Wanted to second the "Taste" suggestion. I'm in the Burlington area on business this week, and took everyone's advice and tried Taste tonight. The service was excellent (offered my choice of tables, chich I appreciated) and I enjoyed my meal. Had oysters (with both cocktail sauce and a very tasty shallot sauce), a wonderful tomato/black bean soup, and the manchego pear salad. Couldn't resist Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert. That had a bit of an eggy taste to it, but it was just the right consistency and warmth, with excellent vanilla ice cream on the side. Felt perfectly at easy eating alone there. Enjoy!

              1. I have a friend who lives in Colchester, Vt. She said her favorite restaurant, is a small Thai place. It's called Tiny Thai. It may not be in downtown Burlington, but it's close by. And she said it won't break the bank.
                Check google for directions.

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                  There's 2 Tiny Thais - the original is in the Lang Farm Plaza in Essex; the newest is in downtown Winooski. Winooski is a mile or two from Burlington. The food is yummy. It's BYOB, FYI.

                2. Burlington you say...................

                  1. Trattoria Deli, St. Paul St. : considering the quality, it's a bargain
                  2. Single Pebble, Bank St (?): comparable to any restaurant anywhere
                  3. Rusty Scuffer: CHEAP !

                  Enjoy your stay !

                  1. Cafe Shelburne just south on Rt 7 in Shelburne, a perfect, classic French restaurant. Everything is wonderful, but I especially love the mushroom soup, the mixed grill of rabbit, quail, and venison, and the chocolate souffle.

                    Libby's Blue Line Diner in Colchester just off I-89, for any meal. The best burgers and milkshakes east of Los Angeles, and sublime breakfasts.

                    1. "without breaking the bank" certainly doesn't point to Cafe Shelburne ! Right on with Libby's !

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                        Good point - Cafe Shelburne is great but certainly not cheap.

                      2. Libby's is a gem! Very tasty food and friendly service.