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Feb 8, 2007 06:44 AM

Fresh eggs under glass

A woman down the road just offered me all the fresh eggs I want, as her hens are producing more than she needs now. (In exchange she asked for some slow-cooker recipes. Who's getting the better deal here?) I'm not usually a huge morning-egg-eater, but I've really appreciated extra-fresh, bright-yellow ones when I've been lucky enough to have them. What would you make with good eggs that would show off how good they are? Omelets are a given, but do you have other, more elaborate ideas? Maybe something fancy and dinner-party-worthy? Desserts especially?

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  1. I would make a fried egg sandwich with the egg still runny (like the one in Spanglish).
    Poached eggs over a bistro salad.
    Something like a strata might be a waste of such fine eggs?

    1. Liana, my absolute favourite egg dish is a French classic called Oeufs en Meurette, eggs poached in red wine and served over croutes (fried bread) in a thickened red wine, bacon and mushroom sauce. Incroyable!!

      I've eaten it only in restaurants, but here's a recipe.

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        One of the chefs made these (or at least they looked similar to what you describe) on Iron Chef America last week. They looked very good.

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          I've enjoyed this dish in France, but I've also eaten it at Over Easy (!!!) on Bloor just west of Avenue Rd. Sometimes they get it right and it's very good; other times it tastes like the sauce has been re-heated from frozen.

      2. You could also make fresh pasta dough and freeze it if you have a lot of eggs.

        1. There's also a great North African/Israeli dish called shakshouka, which consists of cooked-down tomatoes, onions and peppers, finished with the addition of eggs which are cracked open onto the mixture.

          1. For something simple, a carbonara.