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Feb 8, 2007 06:44 AM

Close to Erwin Center

Our family will be at the Erwin Center for state bball tournamet in March. Where are some good restaurants within walking distance or a short drive?

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  1. Drive north on Red River to Manor and make a right over I-35. About six block down you'll find a bevy of options including El Chile ( ), El Gringo ( ), Hoover's ( ) and Vivo ( ). It's about a 5 minute drive from Erwin.

    1. Good suggestions Twill, I'm a big fan of Hoover's. For Erwin center games we meet at Brick Oven sometimes--fairly good pizza and a few other Italian dishes. Just a couple blocks south of the Erwin Center on Red River. 100% family friendly. And Serrano's at Symphony Square is right there too for decent fajitas and enchiladas. Texas Chili Parlour is a couple blocks over on Lavaca. Good chili, get the xx don't get the xxx (pilgrim) The home of the (bad)mad dog margarita and the (excellent) Magnum (151 rum and jolt cola will rock ya) I like the chili soft tacos, XX version. Good burgers too and a weird friendly hippy biker atmosphere sure to make for cool stories later. Scholtz' Garden over on San Jacinto is a famous hangout for all UT athletics: Hickory Street at 800 Congress is a first class salad bar place that health conscious family types really dig. And the Whole Foods Flagship at 6th and Lamar will feed and entertain anybody from a skinny vegan to those more interested in bbq and their dip anything in chocolate fountain. Sam's and Ben's Long Branch are an easy drive for bbq.

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        Scholtz is an Austin institution that serves both Green Mesquite BBQ (mediocre) and a minimal set of very iffy German cuisine. I recommend it for the UT atmosphere and the beers. I can't really recommend the food.

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          Good call on Ben's, BT. I totally spaced on that one. And Texas Chili Parlour, as well, for that matter.

        2. Hog Island Deli on Lavaca. Ben's Long Branch BBQ.

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