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Feb 8, 2007 06:37 AM

Capsuoto Freres

Recommendation on what to order?

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  1. Can't say anything about the food there right now because it's been ages since we've been there. However, when it comes to dessert, you can't go wrong by ordering one of their souffles.

    1. I've had the mushroom souffle for an entree and the chocolate souffle for dessert - both excellent. Sorry I dont have more details

      Within the past 6 months (first time I'd been back in probably 20 years? the place seems much smaller!)

      1. We get there two or three times a year. I'm no help, really, because we've enjoyed everything we've had there.
        We like the atmosphere, the food, the street parking - and the prices are very reasonable for the quality of food. Hope you like it as much as we do!

        1. Had dinner there about a year ago....the wine was far better than the food, although the atmosphere is delightful. Too many restaurants in that area with fab food though, so no reason to return to Capsoutos Freres!!