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Feb 8, 2007 06:36 AM

Light lunch - Cote St. Luc

I'm a native, but am having a hard time thinking of a good spot for a quick, light lunch in the Cote St. Luc area, which I don't know very well.

Can the 'hounds help?

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  1. Snowdon Deli might be a good place.

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    1. re: swissfoodie

      Snowdon Deli's a bit of a distance from Cote St. Luc, but is a great deli.

      Cote St. Luc Bar-B-Que, on Cote St. Luc Rd., about 3 blocks west of Decarie, has the best chicken, fries and sauce (much better than Swiss Chalet and St-Hubert).

      There's also a new Italian grill that opened up where Amazona was located, about a block east of Cote St. Luc Bar-B-Que. I haven't been there, however.

      [Famous] Delly Boys was a great deli when I was growing up. Nothing terrific now, but acceptable. It's on Westminster at Cote St. Luc Rd.