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Feb 8, 2007 06:05 AM

Baltimore 22nd Birthday

Hi all,
I've been reading this site forever, but I've never posted anything. These past few days, I've become desparate for suggestions. My roommate and good friend is turning 22 this Saturday, and there are about 7 of us who want to take her out to dinner. The current suggestion floating around is California Pizza Kitchen in Hunt Valley for Saturday night, but I refuse to go - last weekend, we tried to eat there, but the wait was an hour and a half. I am not waiting that long for CPK. She's really into Italian, Japanese, or whatever good. The problem is the number of people - we need somewhere that's reasonably priced and accomodating to a wide variety of tastes. Also, something memorable. Please help! I shudder at the thought of waiting an hour and a half at CPK.
Thank you so much!

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  1. CPK IS good but I totally hear you about the wait there...
    Do you have to stay up in Hunt Valley or are you Open to going to the city? If so...I'd say...try Pazo...or Bluestone in Timonium if you don't want to go to the city.

    1. Kali's Court Meze on Thames St. in Fells Point has a wide variety of Greek-inspired small plates which are tasty and reasonable. Everyone in your group should be able to find something to his or her taste.

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        I was going to suggest Meze, (Mezze?), too. They have accomodated us for a party of 10, so it's do-able. However, that was early on a weeknight. I've had some hair-raising waits at Meze for a deuce on weekend nights, due to the incompetence of the host staff and lack of real waiting list. So be forewarned....You may want to call and see if they'll reserve a table for you.

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          They do take reservations though, so that might work. There's a large table just to the left of the right hand door upstairs that would be perfect.

      2. Pazo sounds right for your age group. Mezze can be $$$ (so can pazo) but the atmosphere of Pazo seems more fun to me.

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          I agree that Pazo's atmosphere would be more fun for a young group, but I have found Meze to be considerably cheaper.

        2. Petit Louis can easily do a 7 top for you, and you won't have to drive downtown - just to Roland Park. Food is French and solid, and the atmosphere is excellent for a group dinner. Ask for one of the larger round tables on the right side of the dining room.

          1. Acropolis or Ikaros in Greektown are great restaurants and a good value.