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Feb 8, 2007 06:04 AM

What happened to Bruni's diners journal reviews?

Used to be able to read recent reviews by Bruni but it stopped this week. Anyone know where it is or is it no longer available without buying the paper?

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    1. re: BackyardChef

      I reference your link in my question, thanx though. What has happened is that the times removed a link that said "recent reviews by frank bruni" where anyone could go to and read the weekly review. The link was removed before this week's 2/7/07 review. I was wondering if anyone here knos where else the review is without buying the paper. I'm not cheap, just busy and missed purchasing the paper yesterday.

      1. re: chalz

        chalz, If you're referring to yesterday's review of Kobe, you are correct that, for some reason, they are not providing a current link in the "Recently Reviewed" box. However, by putting the name "Kobe Club" into the restaurant search box at the top of the page, I was the able to click through and access the whole review. Here's the link:

    2. The Kobe Club review is also available right on the dining page online. And the recently reviewed link is back.

      1. Thanx all, I knew you would come through!!