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Feb 8, 2007 06:02 AM

why do i love shredded wheat (breakfast cereal)??

it is straw like and gets mushy real fast in milk. but i love it!! FELLOW SHREDDED WHEAT LOVERS: what's your take on its appeal??

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  1. It's not too sweet and it has a really unique texture as far as breakfast cereals go. And even when it's mushy, I kind of like its thick gloopiness towards the end. Sounds gross, but actually very fun to eat when you're 10. Frosted mini-wheats have been a favorite for a long time.

    1. it has a natural sweetness and nuttiness, great mouth feel, and it's fun to suck the milk out of the 'straw' matting.

      remember when they used to make the haybale/roll shape? do they still?

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        Oh my gosh. That exacty what I love about the little shredded wheat....It's like little pillows of sweet milk...mmmm:)

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          i am inclined to believe that they still make and market the full size shredded wheat pieces though the bite size pieces seem to be more prevalent on store shelves.

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            They do make them. I have found that all the Good For You cereals are always up above eye level. and all the sweet and gooey ones are right where my kids can see them!

          2. It's so completely natural. No matter how "Natural" other cereals are, they always have tons of sugar and other crap -- in fact it's almost impossible to buy dry cereal without added sugar. Shredded wheat is just pure wheat goodness and is my favorite next to seven-grain puffed Kashi cereal. Plus the really fun thing to do with shredded wheat, especially the big wafers is to get a bunch of milk and try to balance your wafers wiith the milk so it comes out right -- add more milk, add another wafer, add more milk, etc.

            1. I think for all the reasons the others have mentioned, however, I prefer the mini shredded wheats because they are harder - I also love Wheetabix. Especially with a little honey drizzled over top.

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                I almost mentioned Wheetabix too, since they are in the same category for me. Wheetabix is good dry with salted butter though and Shredded Wheat, not so much with the butter

              2. It has a wonderful crunch, but even when it softens it's still a little chewy. I guess you could say the taste is "bland" but very simple and wheaty.

                Favorite story is about a great-aunt who always ate hers with hot milk and salt!