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Feb 8, 2007 05:48 AM

30th b'day - Tao or Kittichai?

I'm having my 30th birthday dinner in a few weeks. It will be a party of six (one vegan, two pescatarian diners who eat seafood, dairy, and veggies [no poultry/beef/pork], and three "standard" eaters).

I have reservations at both Tao and Kittichai but have been to neither.

Which would you recommend? Or is there another restaurant that you fancy? I'm looking for Asian cuisine (I'm a particular fan of spicy Asian cuisine) because I feel that it's easiest to accomodate the various dietary restrictions. I want a place that feels "special" as I only turn 30 once!


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  1. I don't love Kittichai. I think it's expensive for what it is. I am a big fan of Tao though. The food is good there and fun for a bday dinner. I also surprisingly like Buddhakan. I say that because I love the one in Philly and didn't expect the hype to be lived up to in NY but the food is solid and the space is very unique. And, it's fun to share the dishes.

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      Thanks -- Buddakan was also on my radar, but they could only accomodate a party of 6 at 5:30 or 10:30, neither of which aren't idea times. :)

    2. I think Tao is a really fun choice. I've been there a bunch of times with a bunch of different groups of people. The food is good and the atmosphere is very cool. I'd go with Tao hands down.

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        Great! Two votes for Tao...

      2. Never been to Kittichai, but found Tao to be nothing special at all. Go to MEGU downtown!!!!

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          I think Megu might be out of our price range -- Tao is a bit less expensive, yes?

        2. You can really determine the price by how you order!! You must try comparison to Tao....different league altogether!!! You won't be sorry.

          1. Would anyone else second Megu over Tao, especially considering the dietary restrictions of my group?