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Feb 8, 2007 05:29 AM

India Quality - It Never Fails (awesome vindaloo!)

Had another in a string of terrific meals at India Quality last night. Ordered takeout for the S.O and me...we were both feeling a bit congested, so we thought a really spicy dinner would be nice. We ordered a Rogan Josh, medium, and forewent our usual Chicken Madras for a Chicken Vindaloo, which I requested extra extra spicy. Along with that we got some raita (for cooling off!), and a mint pratha.

The vindaloo was outrageously, almost hell night caliber, but jusssssssst mild enough to allow for comfortable, slow eating, with bread+raita breaks to cool down. The rogan josh, as always, was a rich, creamy indulgence, great for eating under a nice bed of basmati rice to soak everything up. I really like the pratha breads at India Quality, and the mint variety just goes so well with the cool raita. In all, the meal came to around $29. A great endorphine rush, and without the stomach problems that usually follow the raw-habenero eating at ECG hell night!

India Quality is, as far as I'm concerned, one of Boston's indispensible restaurants. There are plenty of Indian places, some even, perphaps, where the food is as good, but none match IQ for that combination of quality, taste, heat, value, and location (right outside the kenmore T stop). Even the dine-in service is very friendly and efficient.

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  1. India Quality's vindaloo is wonderful. It's the only Indian restaurant around here that makes it properly spicy without repeated pleading to the waiter.

    I included IQ in the "never had a bad meal" and "most consistent restaurant" threads lately. I like it that much.

    As tamerlanenj said, it's one of Boston's indispensible restaurants.

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      Hey Bostonbob3, are we talking ECG's 'Hell Night" worthy here?

    2. India Quality might be my favorite Indian restaurant in Boston (especially now that Classic India in Quincy is gone). If you like Indian food and haven't tried it yet, definitely get down there to check it out.

      1. Agree about India Quality. I've never had the vindaloo, but the Chicken Tikka Masala and Chana Sagwala are awesome. Invariably when we eat there we say we should try something else, but we need to get our CTM and CS fix. What I like best is that the food is not just hot, but is wonderfully spiced and flavorful. Intense fresh flavors. And I wish they would bottle and sell the onion chutney.

        1. Speaking of India Quality, I just stumbled across the information that the new Indian restaurant on Brighton Ave. in Allston, Punjab Palace, is a sister operation. We don't dine in the Kenmore Square area often, so haven't had a lot of experience there, but we did have an excellent meal or two at IQ a few years back. So I'm thinking we really should get up the street to try out this new place!

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            Is this the indian place next to Pho Pasteur/Le's? If so, I thought they were related to Tanjore in Harvard Square.

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              Never mind. I was thinking about Rangoli. No idea about Punjab Palace.

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                Right - Rangoli doesn't really count as a "new Indian restaurant" since it's been there for years at this point. Punjab Palace opened in one of the little storefronts closer to Linden Street and is genuinely new, having been open *maybe* two months.