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All you can eat face off, which is best: The best all you can eat sushi or Brunch Buffet?

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Give me your opinions, and best places to go!

Frankly, I have no clue.

The whole breakfast versus dinner thing intrigues me!

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  1. I'm scared of all you can eat sushi

    1. The recommendation below is by wilafur - another poster here on the LA board. I am pretty sure that a few other posters have written good things about Midori too.

      "truly best bang for the buck, the acye deal at midori. they have a location in both studio city and sherman oaks. $26 for dinner. not even close to being the best sushi, but definitely the best ayce sushi joint in town.

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      wilafur Feb 06, 2007 "

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      1. re: tony michaels

        What I mean is, if you had the choice between an all you can eat sushi meal, or a breakfast buffet, which would you choose?

        and then which are the best of your choice!

        1. re: tony michaels

          The sushi at Midori is average at best and remember, it's all you can eat for one hour...

          Also the hot house sake is just godawful. Rockefuel.

          1. re: Maxmillion

            I never drink house sake, and never, ever hot. If the sake is served hot, I skip sake and have a beer or water.

            Hot sake is a way to try and make cheap icky sake palatable.

            I can put away a bit in an hour, teeny as I am, I put college boys to shame when caled upon to do so (just not often is the key to staying small), !

            Mediocrity...well, I dunno, gotta think about that one.

            1. re: Diana

              no one ever said midori is great sushi, however, its a good place to go to stuff yourself to the gills with decent sushi for a low low price. do not expect nozawa, sushi zo, kiriko, etc quality sushi and you will be good to go.

              and i echo diana's comment on hot sake.........good sake is not supposed to be drunk hot.

        2. diana, its really comparing apples to oranges. as you yourself mentioned ayce sushi is more of a dinner indulgence whereas a brunch buffet, is....err....brunch.

          however, if you had a choice between ayce prime rib or ayce sushi, that would be a very very tough choice for me. =)

          1. the best all you can eat that i've had for sushi was at chomp in downtown fullerton.

            on thursday nights(830-11) they have an ayce event and also i think sunday brunch(930-2).

            not sure about sunday but if u want to go thursday, i'd recommend getting there early. it gets insanely busy. and dont expect a quiet dinner at this place. its more of a loud party scene

            oh yeah here's the link http://rockinrestaurants.com/chomp/de...

            1. LOL! My kids (when they were little) used to beg to go to Todai for their special occasion. But after a few visits to Yamaha (when Victorwas still there), Komyoshi, and Mako, they are converted. And Sushi snobs to boot! Something College kids can't afford to be!

              1. best all you can eat sushi- definitely chomp in fullerton. it's only once a week and the place is a madly packed frathouse. i've been to midori several times (i'd go with my friend who knows the owner) but it definitely doesn't measure up to chomp. my sister loves it so much that she got a waitressing job there.

                best all you can eat brunch- las brisas in....newport beach? somewhere in south oc. oh yeah, chomp actually has an all you can eat brunch but i've never been.

                my choice would definitely be sushi.

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                1. Anyone do the brunch buffet at IN of the Seventh Ray?

                  What about the non-Midori AYCE in Tarzana?

                  1. I have to preface by saying that I really don't like all-you-can-eat places, as the quality usually isn't as good as a ala carte place. AYCE sushi at the buffet places like Todai are atrocious, and the quality difference between a good sushi and a bad sushi is more drastic than good brunch food versus bad.

                    The only one I'll go to is Taps at Brea for the Sunday Jazz brunch. It's $30 per person, but comes with 2 glasses of brewed on site beer, and they have the usual oysters, prime rib, old bay seasoned shrimp, and a variety of hot food plus waffles, made to order omelettes and such. One thing that's different is that they don't put out huge portions of hot food out at a time, so usually it's pretty fresh and don't sit on top of the burner for too long.

                    Lastly, the dessert spread is usually pretty good, and if you don't find anything you like there you can get some marshmallow/pretzel/strawberries and dip it in the (now usual) chocolate fountain, or have the cook make you a banana foster.

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                      1. re: Diana

                        In Brea ... off Imperial Highway .. worth the $30 ...

                    1. How about the Cafe Sierra Sunday brunch at the University City Hilton? It is a Sunday brunch complete with all you can eat sushi and sashimi. Their sushi is not stellar, but non of the AYCE sushi places are stellar either.

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                      1. re: WHills

                        i've been meaning to try their brunch. do you recall the priving?

                        1. re: wilafur

                          I know dinner is just under $40 and I think the champange brunch is around the same.

                      2. why not have both??? at some truly amazing hotel brunches (ritz-carlton SF, st. regis at monarch beach) they have all-you-can-eat buffets with sushi, seafood bar, waffle/omelette bar, smorgasbord of breakfast items, gourmet lunch entrees. just about anything your heart desires. i agree that typically i'm wary of AYCE sushi, but a fancy hotel brunch is my one exception -- sushi is good, fresh & non-scary. i've been meaning to check out the brunch at the ritz-carlton marina del rey to see if it stacks up... will keep you all posted...

                        1. AYCE sushi is done better in NY than LA. But I can't tell you where to go there on this board.

                          A vote for Sunday brunch at Whist, Viceroy, Santa Monica, on a nice day, outside.