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Feb 8, 2007 05:10 AM

Good Vegetarian Recs, Bangalore?

Hello -

A friend of mine is going to Bangalore in a few weeks for about 5 days.

I have been before, and can recomend a few good places (Coconut Grove, Nagarjuna Savoy, etc) but am a die-hard carnivore.

Where can she dine on amazingly great vegetrian cuisine?

Thoughts welcome.


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  1. I suspect by now she's gone and returned, but I'll still suggest...
    KC Das for Bengali snacks
    MTR (a legend) for good solid South Indian; Kamat Yatri Nivas for traditional North Karnataka
    Ramana's for inventive healthy-ish North Indian
    Sahib Sindh Sultan for luxurious North Indian

    Most darshinis have good typical Bangalore food like idlis, dosas. But on the whole, it's pretty easy to find good veg options anywhere...if she goes to a recommended restaurant, it's almost certain she'll find delicious veg food.