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Feb 8, 2007 03:12 AM

favorite onigiri filling ideas?

buying lunch at school is way too expensive so I have started making onigiri for lunch. Its cheap easy and extremely filling (2 for lunch). Seeing as how I don't like to put my rice in the fridge overnight, I leave my onigiri out all night in its mold so it doesn't dry out as much.

do you have any good filling ideas that don't need constant refridgeration? I'm not that concerned with food safety - for example I'll leave out pizza at room temp over night, but I will not do this with raw meat.

so far I have made miso stuffed and bonito soaked in shoyu. does anyone have a good recipe for spicy tuna?

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  1. I like onigiri filled with salted salmon and with seasoned seaweed (sesame oil seasoning). I buy mine, so I don't have recipes. I think that probably both of these things would be okay left out. The salmon is a bit iffy, but if there's lots of salt maybe it's okay? I leave it out all day, but overnight plus half a day might be a bit much...

    1. tuna with mayonnaise & cayenne or tabasco to taste.

      1. japanese picked cucumber works great too as a vege thing. Very common in japan. Have you tried NATTO -fermented soy beans? It's an acquired taste. I like it mixed w/a little sweet mirin.

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          yep I love natto. I was thinking about making a natto, kimchi, bacon filling since I love this combination by itself so much.

        2. Isn't spicy tuna made with mayo? My mom has made onigiri with tuna and mayo and left them out during the day and they're okay, but I don't know about overnight. For long trips, she would mix canned tuna with equal parts shoyu and sugar and use that for a filling. My favorite was always the soft ume.

          And, while it's a totally different shape, I've taken spam musubi (or spam and egg) on hiking trips and it travels (and holds up) very nicely.

          1. I've never made onigiri - is it just plain rice, or sushi rice?

            I've bought onigiri with umeboshi inside - love that - or kampyo. I could see you putting avocado inside....

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              I just wet my hands, shake a little salt on them and form into a triangle. I like to put umeboshi inside but have put cocktail weiners, Spam, tsukudani (wet nori in a bottle) furikake, takuan and chopped up kim chee inside for variety.

              1. re: mochi mochi

                where does the nori fit in? do you just wrap a small sheet around the ball afterwards?

                1. re: piccola

                  Yes, but I make my onigiri triangular, so I just use a rectangle and "serape" it around the sides. You can just fold it in half between the points so it is half way up the front and halfway up the back. Like mentioned before, they make this nori that is covered with cellophane that you make your onigiri in to keep the nori crispy. Fortunately for me I like it soggy. If interested, I can take a picture of it and post.

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                    please. that would be really helpful.

                        1. re: mochi mochi

                          Thanks! Where do you buy that? Is it pretty standard Japanese grocery store stock?

                          1. re: piccola

                            I am in Gardena/Torrance California so yes, every Asian market should carry it.