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Feb 8, 2007 01:29 AM

This One Dish I Had in Hong Kong

Hey all, I'm new to this site so this is my first post. I'm a big restaurant eater in LA/OC so I hope I can contribute to the discussions. As for my first post...

So I was in Hong Kong over winter break and I went to a 24hr place called Tsui Wah (the locals tell me its like a chinese Dennys). Anyway I had this one dish there that was essentially fried rice, topped with a pork chop, topped with some sort of tomato curry sauce. I suppose its more of a new wave fusion type thing. It was very delicious and i was wondering if anyone could give me hints as to where I could find it in Socal. My friend tells me there is an inferior version of one in Garden Cafe in Rowland Heights. Haven't tried it yet but if anyone knows of a better and more authentic one please drop a line. Thanks a lot and happy eating!
- Michael

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  1. What you had sounds like a Hong Kong Cafe type of dish. I've never really got into the craze for these type of cafes, which seemed to have hit its height sometime in the late 90s, but a lot of them are still around. JJ Cafe in Monterey park is one that my friend seems to frequent (or used to). And they have a dish similar to what you had.

    1. Visualm, what you had is a called Hongkong/Western style cafe food. In cantonese we refer to that style of food as "gong sik" (hk flavor). You can find that baked pork chop/over rice dish at almost any cafe in the SGV. You can find it at...

      U2 Cafe (alhambra)
      OK Cafe (might have changed names)
      Garden Cafe (arcadia and alhambra)
      JJ (garvey avenue - mpark)
      Savoy Kitchen (alhambra)
      Ledo Cafe (rosemead)

      These are just a few - Rowland/Hacienda Hts has tons as well. hope this helps.

      Those are just a few places.

      1. Also try Har Lam Kee on Garvey Avenue (Monterey Park) and ABC Cafe right across the street.

        1. This is a dish that just about every Hong Kong-style cafe should be able to make even if it is not on the menu. All the ingredients should be readily available in the kitchen. Basically, look for something like "Grilled Pork Chop over rice." Tell them you want fried rice and a tomato-curry sauce on the side. Hopefully, it will turn out OK. If not, remember what needs to be changed (e.g. needs more curry). When you order it again, tell them "lots of curry." Repeat until they get the order right. If you order it a number of times, the kitchen will probably remember how to cook it. Here are some reviews of HK-style restaurants:

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