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Feb 7, 2007 10:19 PM

Smoked bison?

Anyone tinkered with bison on the smoker. I did some filets once, rubbed em' and hot smoked em to about medrare and they were phenominal. Im going to a local bison farm and im hoping to get some different cuts like ribs or brisket if a bison has a brisket which i assume it does.

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  1. Bison has a brisket. My husband smoked one in December on a Weber in the snow. He brined it overnight first, then put a rub on it, then smoked with hickory chunks for several hours. It was hard to keep the temperature steady because it was so cold and windy, and I think he ended up finishing it in the oven. It was good, but even better after we sliced up the leftovers and put them in a slow cooker with some canned tomatoes, pickled serranos, and onions and let them cook all night. Sort of like a more flavorful (and less stringy) ropa vieja the next morning for breakfast.

    I've found buffalo to be fairly unforgiving overall. Good luck!

    1. Thank you. Do you think the brisket was undercooked the first time since you couldn't keep the grill hot enough, or do you think it dried out and needed to be rehydrated in the slow cooker. thanks again.

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        It definitely wasn't dry after smoking, probably because it'd been brined, but I don't think it could've gone any longer in the smoker setup or the oven without getting tough and maybe dry, too—it was very lean, and the flap of fat that you usually find on a beef brisket had been trimmed off.

        1. re: Liana Krissoff

          The juiciness/tenderness of a brisket (I am assuming this is true of both beff and bison) does not come from the fat but collagen that melts when it is cooked low and slow - but then of course I could be wrong -

          1. re: weinstein5

            Yes, I guess that's true. But bison doesn't have a lot of marbleing or fat, either.