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Feb 7, 2007 10:11 PM

Burgers cooked less than medium in Montreal

Is it easy to find burger places in Montreal, that will cook their burgers on request less than medium(I prefer mine more towards medium-rare)? Considering that beef tartare is still being served at a number of Montreal restaurants, I would think getting a medium-rare burger wouldn't be too hard(but I could be wrong). Give me places to check in Montreal, that make great burgers & will cook it medium-rare?

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  1. The thing is with tartare, it's a piece of that's cut to order hence less prone to bacterias whereas burgers are made from meat that's already ground and more of a fertile ground for bacterias. But you could give the Meat Market a try, they might do it.

    1. Mr Steerburger on ste Cat will do a rare one. I can't remember, but Anecdote might, as well as La Paryse. They're tough to find...

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        I think Mr. Steer grounds their own meat. They use kosher beef. I've ordered medium-rare burgers from them before.

      2. McKibbin's offers their burgers medium-rare and opt for the fries instead of the salad.

        1. My favourite by far is La Paryse, and their standard burger comes medium well (pink inside). It's a tiny little place, often with a line up (closed Mondays), but well worth the visit.

          1. Seeing a similar topic currently in the Toronto section, I'm wondering which burger joints in Montreal grind their own meat? If they grind their own meat, then it shouldn't be a problem for them to cook burgers less than medium.

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                Nothing's 100% safe. I like to live dangerously. If everyone went nuts about food safety we wouldn't have things like sashimi and raw milk cheese. That would make life really boring.

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                  Raw berries, bean sprouts, spinach, lettuce and carrots are less safe. It's about informed choice and safe food handling. A competently run restaurant shouldn't have a problem.