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Burgers cooked less than medium in Montreal

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Is it easy to find burger places in Montreal, that will cook their burgers on request less than medium(I prefer mine more towards medium-rare)? Considering that beef tartare is still being served at a number of Montreal restaurants, I would think getting a medium-rare burger wouldn't be too hard(but I could be wrong). Give me places to check in Montreal, that make great burgers & will cook it medium-rare?

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  1. The thing is with tartare, it's a piece of that's cut to order hence less prone to bacterias whereas burgers are made from meat that's already ground and more of a fertile ground for bacterias. But you could give the Meat Market a try, they might do it.

    1. Mr Steerburger on ste Cat will do a rare one. I can't remember, but Anecdote might, as well as La Paryse. They're tough to find...

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        I think Mr. Steer grounds their own meat. They use kosher beef. I've ordered medium-rare burgers from them before.

      2. McKibbin's offers their burgers medium-rare and opt for the fries instead of the salad.

        1. My favourite by far is La Paryse, and their standard burger comes medium well (pink inside). It's a tiny little place, often with a line up (closed Mondays), but well worth the visit.

          1. Seeing a similar topic currently in the Toronto section, I'm wondering which burger joints in Montreal grind their own meat? If they grind their own meat, then it shouldn't be a problem for them to cook burgers less than medium.

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                Nothing's 100% safe. I like to live dangerously. If everyone went nuts about food safety we wouldn't have things like sashimi and raw milk cheese. That would make life really boring.

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                  Raw berries, bean sprouts, spinach, lettuce and carrots are less safe. It's about informed choice and safe food handling. A competently run restaurant shouldn't have a problem.