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Feb 7, 2007 09:53 PM

am i ruined for sushi?

the last three times i've had sushi, it was at sushi zo. i <3 sushi zo.

tonight, i went to sakura restaurant (on centinela) with some friends. this board gave it rave reviews so i was pretty excited. i ordered the 6 sushi + 6 sashimi plate and was HORRIFIED at the quality. it was actually borderline disgusting tasting- i was tempted to salt it. the place was packed and my sushi loving friends loved their sushi, where i found myself stealing my husband's udon.

did sushi zo make me so snobby to the point that i can't even stomach above average sushi? or is sakura restaurant really that bad?

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  1. yup.
    you've been spoiled.
    happened to me, too.
    now the 'lowest' i can tolorate is hide.
    the bar has been raised.

    1. Yes... I can stomach Sakura, if I need a sushi fix on the cheaper side... but if I had my way... Zo Zo Zo Zo...

      1. yes, you have been spoiled, that's a good thing. But luckily you can go to Kiriko too.

        1. Yes, you have been spoiled. My gf and I are limiting ourselves to 2-3 visits to Zo a year so that we don't get sick of it. I went there twice and see other sushi places differently. Even though Sushi Gen/Komasa in Lil' Tokyo are not as good as Zo, I still consider them to be the go-to places b/c Zo will simply clean out your wallet. Also remember that everyone on this board has his own favorite sushi joint. Some ppl like the glitzy hollywoodish sushi joints, some like the places that do crazy rolls. For me, I like sushi in its simplest form: fresh with rice. At work, I have heard from 4 people that sakura is a good place... but every single one mentioned that it was a 'good value'. When it comes to sushi, I don't mind paying more.

          1. To me the bang for the buck is better at Hiko and Sasabune, and about the same at Kiriko as at Zo.