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Feb 7, 2007 09:41 PM

Alameda Taqueria

So does anyone know what's going on with Alameda Taqueria on Park St in Alameda? This is my favorite cheap eats Mexican spot in the East Bay and I'd hate to see it go the way of the dinosaurs. Last time I drove by the windows were covered up but I had heard it was only under renovations...please let that be true.

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  1. Under renovations was what the sign said when I walked by there the other night.

    I've tried it a couple of times and never had anything even halfway decent -- what do you like there?

    1. i liked their stuffed quesadillas w/ carnitas and their hard and soft tacos.

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      1. They have good Amreican style ground beef burritos.

        1. Ye I noticed it was shut for repairs, hopefully it will get its act together and re-open.

          On a side note I see Ole's is also closed for repairs - now thats got to be a candidate for 'shut down for health reasons' in my book!

          And another side is starting on The Pampered Pup - contary to what I thought possible it appears it will re-open and soon!

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          1. re: rob133

            I have to agree with you on Ole's, the quality there has just plummeted the last couple years. and the service was almost rude the last time I went. I prefer Jim's in the morning for breakfast now.

          2. I called their number and was told by a machine that the renovations were still in progress. (I have no idea how old this message is) I really miss the chile relleno burrito and the steak burrito (both La Taqueris SF style with no rice).

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            1. re: Bob on Grand Street

              The renovations are taking forever. I've never eaten there, but all the cops in Alameda seem to (and I'd imagine donuts are not on the menu), so I have a feeling that I'll be standing in line when they reopen.

              There is a not-too-bad place on Webster in Alameda. It's called Calafia and it's right next to our farmers' market.The price wasright and the enchiladas were not half-bad.

              1. re: EastBayMike

                As of a couple of days ago the windows are still papered over. On the other hand, there's visible progress across the street at the nascent Havana Cubana (or whatever it's called). I have to say the menu in the window looks very appealing.