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Lunch on Main Street in Santa Monica

poggieb Feb 7, 2007 08:28 PM

I haven't been on Main Street in Santa Monica recently. Do any of the chowhounds have any good recommendations for lunch on Main Street?

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  1. dynamike RE: poggieb Feb 7, 2007 09:38 PM

    Personally, I've never ran into anything spectacular for lunch on Main St. If I would have to pick a spot, I'd actually walk a couple blocks to Ocean Ave. and hit up Cora's Coffee Shoppe. Kinda pricey, but many nice choices.

    1. j
      jhulla RE: poggieb Feb 7, 2007 09:49 PM

      My regulars on Main St:

      1. Joe's Diner -- I get a Chicken Philly and curly fries for lunch.

      2. Library Ale House -- Surprisingly good stuff for what should be a bar and grill. The spinach & strawberry salad is quite good.

      3. Main St. Farmer's Market -- Sundays only -- On sunny sundays, this is always a treat. A number of local restaurants setup food stalls. You can get omelets, crepes, sandwiches, fresh squeezed oj, grilled corn, etc. The food is not fantastic -- but the atmosphere makes up for it all.

      1. t
        tannazie RE: poggieb Feb 7, 2007 10:35 PM

        i second library. the steak sandwich is pretty delicious. also i believe they have a day when all their burgers (including less burgery ones like the ahi) are half price. maybe monday?

        1. tony michaels RE: poggieb Feb 8, 2007 05:52 AM

          You might give The Galley a try. Old school with an interesting ambiance. Here is a link to their website and lunch menu.


          1. PaulF RE: poggieb Feb 8, 2007 08:35 AM

            My buddy owns a hotel on main in Santa Monica and his lunch spot is Chaya.

            Technically, that's Venice, not Santa Monica, but it's hair splitting. (angel hair pasta splitting?) It's only like a block out of SM on the Venice side.

            I like Chaya, too. Galley is cool. I also like the fish and chips at Finn's.

            1. Amanda Enclade RE: poggieb Feb 8, 2007 09:50 AM

              I recently had the venice chopped at chaya venice- one of the best salads ever. rock shrimp tempura on a bed of unique veggies and salad with a spicey creamy dressing. very very very tasty. everything else was very good too.

              the galley is fun and pretty good if you want old school.

              amelia's has great soup.

              everything else is just average, nothing I would get excited about.

              1. k
                kevin RE: poggieb Feb 8, 2007 09:59 AM

                library is good.

                shoop's deli for a quick turkey sandwich or a veggie link salad.

                chinois on main for puck's version of chinses food.

                1. e
                  ElissaInPlaya RE: poggieb Feb 8, 2007 10:05 AM

                  I agree with Amanda - but have to strongly disagree on the Library Ale House; I've been so many times and never had anything but really mediocre food. Urth cafe is o.k. for brunch stuff and the soy honey vanilla latte.

                  1. hrhboo RE: poggieb Feb 8, 2007 11:10 AM

                    I like the sandwiches at Panini Garden.

                    1. c
                      chowmominLA RE: poggieb Feb 8, 2007 12:23 PM

                      I love the Rose Cafe.

                      1. n
                        nibbles RE: poggieb Feb 8, 2007 02:58 PM

                        my husband works on main street, so we've tried everything on the block. this is what we've concluded.
                        chaya is mediocre for the price.
                        rose cafe - club sandwich
                        amelia's - nice soups and great meatball sandwich.
                        oyako (spicy tuna rolls), urth (tuna fish sandwich) and mani (caesar's) are pleasant enough but really just acceptable.
                        haven't hit chinois on main in quite a while, but i recall it being quite tasty.
                        galley has very solid crabcakes.
                        you can always go around the corner and hit abbot kinney and eat @ axe.

                        1. y
                          yogachik RE: poggieb Feb 8, 2007 03:39 PM

                          No one has mentioned where I eat - Holy Guacamole. Best lunch in town.

                          Otherwise, I go to Abbot Kinney for lunch - Axe or Lilly's

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                          1. re: yogachik
                            nibbles RE: yogachik Feb 8, 2007 06:38 PM

                            what do you get @ holy guacamole?

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