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Feb 7, 2007 08:28 PM

Lunch on Main Street in Santa Monica

I haven't been on Main Street in Santa Monica recently. Do any of the chowhounds have any good recommendations for lunch on Main Street?

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  1. Personally, I've never ran into anything spectacular for lunch on Main St. If I would have to pick a spot, I'd actually walk a couple blocks to Ocean Ave. and hit up Cora's Coffee Shoppe. Kinda pricey, but many nice choices.

    1. My regulars on Main St:

      1. Joe's Diner -- I get a Chicken Philly and curly fries for lunch.

      2. Library Ale House -- Surprisingly good stuff for what should be a bar and grill. The spinach & strawberry salad is quite good.

      3. Main St. Farmer's Market -- Sundays only -- On sunny sundays, this is always a treat. A number of local restaurants setup food stalls. You can get omelets, crepes, sandwiches, fresh squeezed oj, grilled corn, etc. The food is not fantastic -- but the atmosphere makes up for it all.

      1. i second library. the steak sandwich is pretty delicious. also i believe they have a day when all their burgers (including less burgery ones like the ahi) are half price. maybe monday?

        1. You might give The Galley a try. Old school with an interesting ambiance. Here is a link to their website and lunch menu.

          1. My buddy owns a hotel on main in Santa Monica and his lunch spot is Chaya.

            Technically, that's Venice, not Santa Monica, but it's hair splitting. (angel hair pasta splitting?) It's only like a block out of SM on the Venice side.

            I like Chaya, too. Galley is cool. I also like the fish and chips at Finn's.