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Feb 7, 2007 08:20 PM

Recommendations in Artesia or Cerritos?

A friend is in town next week and has only a short window to meet. I've agreed to rendevous for lunch near where he will be, which is at his son's swim-meet at Cerritos College.

I know that there are supposed to be some dynamite Indian restaurants in that part of town. Can anyone recommend one? I'm open to other types of food, too.

I'm not particularly price sensitive for this occasion - - something slightly upscale would be preferred over a hole-in-the-wall (I love dives, but I don't think my friend does).

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  1. Ambala Dhaba in Artesia is very good. From what I've read here, there's an older location (18413) also on Pioneer, but the restaurant (vs. lunch counter) is at 17631 Pioneer, in the shopping center with the Little India market. The food is fantastic, service is really friendly and warm and the atmosphere is casual while still having some style. The water feaure, with a fountain/fall on one wall feeding a little stream under plexi beneath you feet, and the groovy decor, with tiny little mirrors set in the stucco in beautiful patterns, is worth the visit anyway.

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      I've been there too and thought i was gonna fall into the water when i first walked in.. It was very good, moderately priced.
      it used to be the Annapurna Express. minus the water and decorations. Now AE moved next door and replaced the Masala Bowl. I liked AE even more but now it's just a counter with ready made veggie food for take out. there's some tables though. oh well.