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Feb 7, 2007 08:05 PM

Tasca Restaurant-3rd/Crescent Heights

Went last week. It was GREAT! Had a braised short rib
with a butternut squash and marscapone filled agnolotti that was heavenly.Everything we
ordered was delicious. They still didn't have their wine/beer license, but a friend of
mine just went and said they received it. Ambience was simple with great lighting. Great
date place. Anyone been?

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  1. I went last week and LOVED it!!! We too had the braised short rib (fantastic), a yummy tuna tartar w/black truffles and taro chips, and the BEST lamb I have had in a while--cooked to perfection. They had wine & sangira when I was there. Really friendly service...highly recommended!

    1. I just sent some friends last night...they LOVED it. It is a gem! One of those places you want to keep secret but let everyone know about. Would be PERFECT for Valentines Day.

      1. i was there a week ago, sat at the bar. really enjoyed the whole experience. the short rib was indeed fantastic. we did a flight of red wines, even though they only have a few on the menu since they're still stocking up. everyone was very nice, great atmosphere. hope if stays relatively quiet though.

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        1. re: ddyouandme

          What's the corkage policy, now that they have their own wine list?

          1. re: djdebs

            didn't ask about corkage, but i imagine they'd be reasonable since they are only stocking a few wines at first. very nice people behind the bar.

        2. is this on the corner? that was last il soleil (which sucked)?
          price range?

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          1. re: msmd310

            Not sure. The only Il Soleil that i know of is on Sunset Blvd. Tasca is on 3rd just west of
            Crescent Heights on the south side of the street. The menu is on their website
   I remember it being pretty reasonable. The small plates were
            from $6-$15 I think, and they were generous portions. Highly recommend.

            1. re: redhotnhungry

              il sole is on sunset. il soleil is on beverly and sweetzer. tasca is on 3rd and crescent heights.