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Doner kebab sandwich?

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When I lived in France years ago I got hooked on doner kebabs... the style I preferred was from the northeast near the German border. Round, soft flatbread with a white garlic/herb sauce and red pepper flakes along with the doner and veggies. My mouth still waters thinking about it...

Can such a beast be had anywhere in socal? South Bay/Westside preferred, but I'll travel if it's worth it. Thanks!

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  1. Don't know if this suits your criteria, but SPITZ has the only good doner kebabs that I know of.


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      Mmmm... annoying website but my mouth just started watering again. I'll head out there this weekend and give it a try!

    2. I just tried it the other day. I thought it was delicious, as was the pita chips and hummus. I have never seen any doner kebab places in France, however, they are all over the place in London, Enjoy Spitz's!

      1. I found myself out and about today and took a detour to lunch at Spitz. Delicious! The meat was tasty, not greasy at all and spiced very well. The bread was panini-pressed prior to filling, so it was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. The tzatziki sauce was great (more yogurt than cucumber, which I prefer), but I couldn't really taste the chili sauce that much. I will ask for extra next time.

        My only complaint is that the meat is of the chopped-and-pressed variety rather than the flat-disks-stacked-on-the-spit variety, which I prefer. But it was still very good.

        Thanks again for the recommendation! Does anyone else have other suggestions?

        1. That website is annoying enough to consider never going.

          Well maybe I could try it just once. After all, in my youth I lived in the Latin Quater for a couple of years.

          1. for chicken shawarma, i think george's greek cafe at 7th and figueroa is tastier than most doner kebabs in europe.

            1. SPITZ---Funny thing is that the actual restaurant is a little place that is small and low key. Good gelato also.

              1. I think serra in studio city has it. Give them a call.

                1. Word of advice on Spitz!!

                  The bread that they use for their doner kebabs is of the panini variety. Much too dry and crunchy for my taste which is really odd seeing as how they are attempting to re-create the Doner Kebabs in europe. The true doner (especially in the UK) would be served in a warm pocket of soft pita bread. You might ask if they can hold the panini and use the good stuff instead ; )

                  1. Hi there, I have been on this quest for a few months now. I live in Temecula but lived in europe a few years too. I have been looking for the holy grail German Style kebab for a while. Armenians like Falafel Arax in hollywood use real steak(beef), not ground meat, but they don't use the pita bread and they ruin it with Tahini sauce instead of using the jougart. Great falafels though. I expect the same from Zankou but still have to try them. The owner of Spitz told me they prepare the meat to the german standard, but we'll see when I get there. Maybe I'll just take my own Pita bread. Most greek, armenian and other fast food places that I've been too use the ground meat and it just ends up tasting like SPAM. When I lived in Finland, they had the same problem. I didn't know you could ruin a Kebab until I lived in Finland.

                    I've heard that Troy's in San Diego is good. On Friars. I've also had the gyros at Daphne's in Temecula. They suck. SPAM sandwich.

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                      Just to Update. I tried Spitz. They used SPAM meat. Pannini Bread. Good sauce though but unless Doner Kebab's have changed greatly since I lived and visited Germany (2005) then I would say they have failed at being the home of the Doner Kebab.

                      Now I'm in Nicaragua looking for a good place to eat.

                    2. Check out Doner G in Anaheim. I have no idea if it's what you're looking for since I've never had a doner kebab in Alsace, but if you're down here it's worth a try. Just know that half the friggin' menu is unavailable at any given time (but doner is always available).