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Feb 7, 2007 07:48 PM

Glass insulated mug for tea?

By the time my tea has brewed, it's not as hot as I would like (especially in winter..)
Can anyone recommend an insulated mug, preferably glass?
These from Bodum look great, but seem fragile from the reviews: http://tinyurl.com/37jmlw

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  1. Not a direct answer, but do you pre-heat your drinking and brewing vessels before you brew your tea? If no, that might help.

    1. Those glass look beautiful! It might be better for keeping cool than hot, though.

      Also, this sort of insulation is more for keeping the hand that's holding the cup at normal temperature rather than for keeping the temperature of the tea hot.

      Will47's suggestion of pre-heating will definitely help, but then the effectivenss can be variable according to the kind of material your tea cup is made of. Glass doesn't hold heat as well as ceramics. Then there's all kinds of ceramics, too...

      If it's just temperature you want, I'd say stainless steel thermos, or purple clay cups.

      1. I have what I think is exactly what you're looking for. Unfortunately, unless you live near Seattle, I can't really help with finding one.

        Mine is double-walled, insulated glass, but I have also seen them in acrylic. Both keep tea (and hands) hot for a very long time. They have a screen insert, so you can use loose tea and drink from the cup, add more water, and the leaves just float around gracefully, without getting in the way.

        They are also beautiful - the picture is one I found on this website - www.fuguangchina.com/showencp.asp?Big...
        they come with various pictures on them, and mine has bamboo. You might try a Chinese tea shop, if there's one near you, or search the web for Fuguang two-layer glass cup. I haven't run across any place to get one online.

        I got mine at http://www.xiuxiantea.com - actually I got it at their store. They don't have web sales yet, but you could call or email them. Good luck!

        1. We have used the Bodum glasses in a variety of shapes for over a year. We put in dishwasher and have had no fragility problems. But, obviously they are glass and require at least moderately careful handling.

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            I have a 13oz Bodum Assam Double Wall Thermo Glass Tumbler
            I purchase on ebaY from a seller who broke the other ones he had.
            they can break in shipping, rough handling, even expanding ice cubes.
            I have used mine all day for several Months without any problems,
            but I do treat it with extra care. this glass will perspire with a cold
            drink in a humid room, but it is cool to the touch with hot drinks.
            I recommend test driving a few in the shape you want before buying
            a lot more of them. fragility does increase along with OZ capacity,
            so you might want to avoid the sizes that hold over a pint of liquid.
            I drink a gallon of ice tea every day, and this double wall glass
            definately keeps my drink cold longer between refills with no sweat.
            I would definately like to try a Large Gold Fish Fuguang glass so
            thanks fireflower for the link.

            1. re: Joe Berger

              We broke 20% of ours within the first month of use, so beware. (Maybe we're Neanderthals and don't know it?)

              We love them, though - they do keep our tea much hotter for much longer. When they're all broken, we won't buy any more.

              One more caveat: the tea is MUCH hotter to the lips than would appear to the hands, and we've burnt our tongues several times (we're slow learners, as Neaderthals tend to be).

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