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Feb 7, 2007 07:16 PM

Monsoon SEA

I'm going to try it for the first time next week. What should I order? My dining companion is new to Vietnamese cuisine, but generally an adventurous eater.

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  1. Crab/shrimp spring rolls (with lettuce to wrap them) are a must, one order is enough for two people to share. The classic caramelized catfish hotpot is variable, sometimes the fish is a bit overcooked, but the sauce alone (spooned over rice) is worth it. Beef shank with daikon and noodles is great, not to be confused with the beef short rib with daikon and noodles, which can be stringy. Steamed black cod if they have it. It's out of season for the corn w/ pork belly otherwise i would say get it. Finish with lychee muscat ice cream if they have it.

    1. If they have the crab soup, get it. It's wonderful. The 5 spice ribs (appetizer) are always a hit. I really don't think you can go wrong with anything. I had the scallops last time I was there and they were really good. I know they change the menu often. Have you checked their website? Have a great dinner.

      1. save your money. monsoon is okay, but about as americanized as you can get. try tamarind tree for slightly more traditional recipes, dalat on broadway is great. or greenleaf when it re-opens on march 1st.

        1. Try the stuff squid appetizer. I also love the beef with the sliced tomatoes.

          1. Like people said, everything there is pretty good. Drunken Chicken, catfish, greeenbeens is what i had last time. Also I really like the banana bread dessert. I think you will be happy with whatever you get. Enjoy

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              Arrgh..Just tried to go to Monsoon for lunch...which they no longer serve. When did that happen? My own fault for not calling first. BUT, I did get my drunken chicken fix at their Baguette Box. Ahhh.