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best pizza on long island???

i see the posts for queens but is there a "best" on the island?

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  1. Years ago, when we had friends in the area, we used to go to a place with a coal oven in Port Washington that was really good. I can't remember the name, but they had these really good roasted red peppers.

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      That's Salvatore's on Shore Road in Port Washington. Excellent pizza from a coal-burning oven.
      Long Island's other coal-oven pizzerias: Grimaldi's in Garden City, Massa's on Jericho in Huntington, The Pie on Main Street in Port Jefferson.
      About two weeks ago, another coal-oven pizzeria opened in Bay Shore, a collaboration between Salvatore's and The Pie. It's called The Pie at Salvatore's--or is that Salvatore's at The Pie. I haven't been there yet but it's got a great pedigree. Anyone been there?

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        Been to the Pie At Salvatore's on 3/17/07...the pizza is wonderful...a combination of menus from Salvatore's in Port Washington and The Pie in Port Jeff....the place is beautiful, comfortable. Freddy, one of the owner's was the perfect host attentive to all our needs...fresh delicious salads, great pizza toppings, homemade manicotti, homemade desserts...you won't be disappointed.

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          Just got home from the Pie in Pt Jeff, really nice (although not your typical neighborhood slice place). Had personal (small) pie with proscuitto, artichoke and olives, which was great. The family style salad was the thing that really impressed me despite the fact that I'm no salad addict. I heard their new place just opened in Bay Shore, so if Pt Jeff is out of the way for you...... didn't see any owners though! Why do I think they are owned by Pace Steak house; turning into quite the chain operation, in a good way I guess.

    2. I lived on LI for 10 yrs and was addicted to Emilio's (Commack). Not sure if it has changed in the past 3 years, but their grandma slice to was to die for when I was there

      1. Check the post below from 2005. I don't know if it's mentioned but we really, really liked Massa's on Jericho Tpk. in Huntington. It was one of the ones written up in Newsday a few years back. I don't live on LI anymore so can't say if still good but imagine it would be. lso, depends what you are looking for. I like coal oven, very thin crust and that is what Massa's is.

        1. Vinnes of Mulberry makes a good pizza...locations in East Islip and Bay Shore.
          Roadhouse Pizza in Riverhead
          Sundried Tomato in Nesconset

          1. There's a Grimaldi's in Garden City that has a coal oven (think it's an offshoot or close relative of the Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge), and Umberto's in New Hyde Park is very popular.

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                Is there any place in the region that serves good Chicago-style pizza or a whole-wheat crust? Sometimes I really want a thick crust and lots of toppings (something like Pizza Hut's pan pizza but not so greasy).

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                  Chicao style pizza is kind of a dirty word in New York. I have no suggestion for you other than Pizzeria Uno - a Chicago style pizza chain with which you are probably already familiar. It's not greasy and, if you like that type of pizza, I guess it's decent.

                1. Umberto's in New Hyde Park is a great place for pizza. I am from Jersey (home of the great pizzas) and was in LI for a wedding and by chance stopped in for a slice... I would drive back and eat at Umberto's again.

                  1. Carmela's on Merrick Road in Massapequa

                    1. Any other thoughts on this. Just curious.

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                        I don't venture out to the island all that often, but my parents live near Venere on Carman Avenue in Westbury used to have a pretty good pie.

                      2. Best pizza in Nassau County! Not the old run of the mill.
                        Great food!

                        124 Shore Rd, Port Washington, NY 11050

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                          I've been to their branch in Bay Shore. I don't know how the pizza compares to the PW spot, but it was pretty good though not fantastic.

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                            Absolutely the worst pizza in a city (yes, Glen Cove is a city--the only other one, in fact, on Long Island, other than Long Beach. Why? Who knows?) that is already bereft of decent pizza. There simply is no decent pizza in Glen Cove but the worst by far is Forest. They've built a new location that looks like a mobster's house in Brooklyn, replete with balustrades. Look, the guys who own it are all family and they're nice and very competent at running the business. The only problem is that they don't rise the dough enough and worse--they don't BAKE it enough. Every pie they turn out (and I've gone in there several times over decades) comes out raw. I don't understand their penchant for under-baking their pizza, but they do it consistently. Good guys, bad, but REALLY bad, pizza. Raw and flavorless. Don't bother.

                            Forest Ave Pizza
                            81B Forest Ave, Glen Cove, NY 11542

                        2. Big fan of Giusepes on NY ave in Huntington for their specialty slices.
                          also Like Spasso in Wantaugh for their specialty slices.
                          Also love the pizza and garlic knots from Lascala on commack road.

                          1. I am a fan of World Pie in the Hamptons, and My favorite pizza of all time is from Michelangelos in Cutchouge. I frequent the city and live in the Hamptons and that place has the best pizza out of both for sure!

                            World Pie
                            2402 Montauk Hwy, Bridgehampton, NY 11932

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                              I love World Pie but not their pizza, the crust tastes like Bisquick to me. The Pizza Place across the street is more what I expect. Neither as good as Brooklyn though. So many good places on the Island, how can anyone be the best anyway? Will be trying out the new wood burning oven pizza in Jamesport soon, now that I think of it, The Pie in Pt Jeff with their special oven is right up there and I'm expecting something like that. Hope they don't disappoint me.

                              World Pie
                              2402 Montauk Hwy, Bridgehampton, NY 11932

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                                Cutchogue? Really? I am so surprised, but will be out there in August and will give them a try. Is it a new place, or has it been around for a while?

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                                  They're in the big shopping center there, opened years ago when the chain was expanding. They do have great pizza, at least the one over by Moriches always did.

                              2. What about South Shore Nassau?

                                I'm torn because my husband loves the coal fire old school cripsy thin crust pizza & I can be a health nut & like places with whole wheat crusts that are easy on the grease?

                                Any suggestions?

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                                  Raino's in Amityville (I know, that's Suffolk, but just barely over the line) is one of the better places in the area. I don't know if there's anything in South Shore Nassau within 10-15 miles that's as good, let alone better.

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                                    I actually had lunch today at Raino's. Overall, it was disappointing and it's not like I didn't give them a fair chance, as I had their margherita, a regular slice, a sicilian and a risotto.

                                    The best of the bunch was their sicilian, which was topped with mushrooms. Unlike most mushroom pizzas, the flavor of the mushroom came through. The crust was a tad dense, but still enjoyable. The regular (NY style) was average, having a flaw in having waaay too much cheese, to the point that the slice fell apart under its weight; otherwise, it was fairly good with its crispy yet chewy crust that you expect from a solid slice. The margherita also suffered from having too much cheese. In addition, the oven, despite being wood fired, isn't hot enough and I'm guessing that the dough doesn't use high gluten (00) flour; it seemed like the same dough was used for all the pizzas. The result is a sub-par Neapolitan pie, which didn't have enough char and bite. The basil was shredded and was unnoticeable. The risotto, while not awful, was below average in that it was dry. Okay, not dry, like regular rice, but still close and far from the liquid content that proper risotto should have.

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                                      Tipo 00 refers to the most finely milled flour. It has nothing to do with gluten content.


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                                        Aware of that. But, it really doesn't apply to what's found stateside, which is almost always of the double digit protein content. If we want to get into flour, we can get into all the varying types within the same grind and gluten, but that would be silly.

                                        The type 00 flour we find here is likely to be of the high gluten variety.

                                2. Huntington pizza is hit or miss, Among those I like are Paesano,NY Pizza (for a cheap slice), Di Raomo. The second ,lower tier consists of Vincent's, Southdown, My preferences run to a thicker, bubbly crust, more ceese than sauce and god forbid, an oft tasting sweet sauce al a Giardino on Park Ave or Costco's

                                  1. The best pizza I've had on LI was from Pizzetteria Brunetti in Westhampton Beach. The catch is that it's really far from where most of us are and it's probably the most expensive. But, you get what you paid for (Not many places are going to have real Buffalo mozzarella). The quality of ingredients is top notch, since they pretty much make everything in-house (Though, not exactly "house" since it's really a counter with 6 seats). I recall eating the margherita and looking across the space to the bakery/cafe when something hit by palette - Basil. I didn't see it buried under the cheese, but it the fresh basil made itself known. That was a very pleasing moment. What's best about their pie is shown by the clam pie. First, you get fresh clams. But, that's not the great part. When it came out of the oven, the olive oil went on and the pie was drenched in liquid. When I saw it, I was let down, since it probably meant having to ask for a fork; I was thinking that there's no way the pie is going to hold shape and it's guaranteed to break apart in all that liquid. Wow. The pie actually held up. That was some fine gluten produced by quality flour and proper rising time. The result is a pillowy crust that has a great, light chew with a light crisp exterior. Perfection.

                                    Grimaldi's pie is nicely balanced, but somewhat flawed in that it's so crisp (can't really fold it - It was almost like a cracker) that it collapses in the middle. I also recall some uneven cutting with the mozzarella. Biting into a thick chunk of it was memorable (sort of good, but still bad). The toppings are very average - Your rubbery clams, flavorless mushrooms and so on. But, overall, the place is still average-good.

                                    I'd put Salvatore's ahead of Grimaldi's. The crust (Also of the crispy variety) is actually foldable and held up better with the toppings. One thing I don't like is the use of shredded basil. Are people really so afraid of the mild flavor of a basil that we needed them shredded?

                                    980 Franklin Ave, Garden City, NY 11530

                                    Pizzetteria Brunetti
                                    103 Main St, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978

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                                      We tried Pizzetteria Brunetti twice. YUCK!! Great fresh ingredients but such a soggy crust. We won't be back.
                                      On the other hand, there is a new place in Jamesport called Grana that has excellent wood fired pizza along with other unique offerings.

                                    2. Happy to see some Nassau/ Suffolk talk on this board!
                                      For coal oven pizza Salvatore in Port Washington and Grimaldis in Garden City are good.
                                      For a regular slice I like Cugini on Jericho Trnpk. in Mineola and in Plainview on Old Country Rd.; Umberto's in New Hyde Park; Mama Teresa's in Garden City Park; and, in my hometown, Carlos and Rosa's on Main Street in Port Washington.

                                      980 Franklin Ave, Garden City, NY 11530

                                      1048 Old Country Rd, Plainview, NY 11803

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                                        I agree, Sal's in Port is excellent and the best of the coal oven joints. I have never had a good pie at Grimaldi's in Garden City, rubbery cheese and flavorless cardboard crust. I would add Eddie's in New Hyde Park to the best pizza list for its Bar Pie and Umberto's for a great Grandma Pie. One of my favorites is on the south shore, Sorrento's in Long Beach. Attached to an Italian Deli is a little room with a wood fired oven that puts out long, oblong Roman style pies. Great crust and texture, nicely blistered with good sauce and toppings. Small with just a few tables, worthy of a visit from the south shore, for sure.

                                        980 Franklin Ave, Garden City, NY 11530

                                        Italian Deli
                                        963B W Jericho Tpke, Smithtown, NY 11787

                                        1. re: stuartlafonda

                                          Have you ever tried Salvatore's in Bay Shore, stuartlafonda? I've been wanting to try their Clams Casino pie for a while. They don't serve any clam pie in Port Washington, although I love any of the others I've had there.

                                          1. re: MacTAC

                                            I have not. The clam pie at Pepe's is one of my all time favorite foods so I will keep your suggestion in mind when I am headed east.

                                            1. re: stuartlafonda

                                              The first and only time we ate at the New Haven Frank Pepe's we didn't have the White Clam pie, but I've had it a few times in the Yonkers location and it was excellent. I have to agree with all time favorite foods.

                                              I'm not a fan of novelty toppings on pizza (Buffalo chicken, salad etc.) but that combo of clams and bacon in the Bay Shore Salvatore's Clams Casino version sounds delectable to me.

                                      2. It's just over the NYC Queens border, but it counts. And it's the best!

                                        Gino's Pizza
                                        1615 Dutch Broadway
                                        Elmont, NY 11003

                                        It's one of those places that you gotta try more than once, for sure, to be sure, as you may miss the point the first time around...

                                        and after your first few visits for pizza, try the sit down in the back. I liked the chicken marsala last there and highly recommend it. If you don't like marsala with mushrooms, the rest of the menu doesn't disappoint.

                                        The grilled chicken broccoli rabe "panini" (actually on a pizza dough bread roll) is VERY good!

                                        But you gotta try this pizza!