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Feb 7, 2007 05:15 PM

Tin Star

Another Westlake restaurant bites the dust. Sonic at Walsh Tarlton and Bee Cave has closed and the sign on the door says that Tin Star is opening. Anyone know anything about it? What do those of us in restaurant starved Westlake have to look forward to? Google reveals it's a chain and there's one up north off McNeil.

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  1. I've been to the one up by McNeil. I had the cheeseburger tacos and I thought it was pretty damn good. Basically a cheeseburger, cut in half, and the two halves wrapped in tortillas with some toppings. The other people I ate with really like their plates too.

    Disclaimer: we were a bit toasty on margaritas at the time, which may have biased our opinions.

    1. It is an "upscale" taco joint ala Taco Deli. Not nearly as good as Taco Deli though. There was a corporate Tin Star in Hancock for a while but it closed. The new Tin Star franchise owned by the same person who owns the Sonic franchise. According to the manager at the McNeil store he is committed to opening a good number of them. My problem with the new group is that they've chosen a much more minimal approach so there is no salsa bar. One of my favorite items at the old one was the corn salsa. The only option at the new franchise is the red salsa. Their signature soft tacos are some of their best items on the menu.

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        The Tin Star vegetarian tacos gave me crippling gas.

      2. Is that the weird Sonic that's a sit down restaurant? I ate there a week ago and it was really bizarre sitting in a booth at a Sonic, ordering on a telephone, and still having the food delivered to the table in a to-go bag.

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          That's not at all how I remember it. You may be thinking of somewhere else.

        2. I've been there once (to the 183 & McNeil store). As far as chain restaurants go, it wasn't too bad - you could do a lot worse. I agree Taco Deli is the better choice. I tried the "Executive" taco - which was pretty good, and the "Buffalo" taco, which was not so hot. It's not going to be a local, Austin-ish, fun, eclectic place for you, rather a place for relatively quick, decent (better than fast food) food.

          1. Tin Star is very similiar to baja fresh, salsarita's or any of the mexican chain restaurants that seem to be popping up everywhere. Tacodeli is better I agree and is local which I prefer. Overall though tin star is not bad for a casual fast food restaurant.
            The one at Hancock did not last very long you can go here to read about it.