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Feb 7, 2007 05:03 PM

Best Oyster Deal

Oh my! I can never get enough good oysters, but the cost tends to get up there.

On Tuesday nights, McCormick and Schmick's has very good oysters at a buck a piece. Last night, after seeing Pink steal the show at the Garden, we grabbed a cab to The M and S in the Park Plaza hotel. They were serving Malapiques and Fanny Bays. The Bays were superb, creamy yet sharp at the same time. The malapiques, I have no idea how to spell it, were equally good, but less interesting.

The one lb of mussels at 3.95 not bad, an the hamburger for 1.95 not the equal of Bartley's, but still excellent. Drinks rather expensive, but how can you go wrong with Sierra Nevada on draft.

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  1. oh my goodness, great to know. thank you. I crave them as well but always sooo dissappointed in price (especially compared to the south). I'm in a quick joint in Fl where I can eat them cheaper. We discovered the WellFleet Oyster Festival last year and can't wait until next year. Oysters were phenominal, great price and everywhere on ice. (other ways of course too). A trip to Legals is a big hit to the wallet even though they're awesome.

    1. Fanny Bay's are fabulous, the first time I'd had them there were a nice pair of British ladies next to me at the Prudential Legals telling me how they'd visited ancient forests by there. As I think about it, I've loved every west coast oyster I've had.

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        I know what you mean about west coast oysters. I dream of Hog Island Sweetwaters. Mmmm.

      2. A good time is a bucket of Olympias, grilled bread with butter and some cold Chimay. Hell, I think I'm going to eat some oysters tomorrow.

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          1. Malpeque Oysters are from Prince Edward Island... and were a staple on ice at the late Fresh Pond Seafood.. sniff, sniff...

            can we expand the thread as to wear people are buying their own these days?