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Feb 7, 2007 04:52 PM

Dessert in Philadelphia

We're having dinner at Matyson on Feb 17th. I browsed through the menu, everything looks great, except I don't like their dessert selection. Looking for a suggestion for a late night dessert and cocktails. I prefer something light for a dessert. Please advise.

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  1. I advise you to have dessert at Matyson, they excel at it. It was easily the best part of my last meal there. If you would still rather go somewhere else, Capogiro is very close to there, they make the city's best gelato by far.

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      Hmn, but Capogiro doesn't have cocktails, does it? Maybe I've just forgotten. Their gelato is excellent.

      If I were eating dinner at Matyson and wanted a place to hang out at afterwards, I'd probably go with Tria - but that's cheese and beer and wine, not dessert so much (they have sweet things, but it's not the focus).
      Their desserts:
      Chocolate Stout Bread Pudding with Poached Cherries and Allagash Cherry Sauce $6½
      Nutella Panino $4
      Goat Cheese Cake with Fig, Raisin & Pine Nut Compote $6½
      Banana, Caramel and Mascarpone Panino $6

      If you want a total change of scenery, El Vez is right there too and they definitely have pretty good desserts and cocktails... and it's the kind of place where the kitsch is too much for a long evening (in my opinion), but probably would still be fun through drinks and dessert. Their dessert menu is below:
      THE "EL VEZ": Chocolate flourless cake topped with a peanut butter custard, caramelized bananas and a scoop of praline ice cream
      MEXICAN COFFEE: Rich mocha pot de creme topped with a Kahlua foam garnished with a crispy espresso filled wafer
      TRADITIONAL FLAN: Creamy flan, ancho chili soaked strawberries and mexican brown sugar ice cream
      PLANTAIN BANANA SPLIT: Coconut crusted sweet plantain with vanilla ice cream, chipotle cherries, and spicy nuts
      DULCE DE LECHE SOPAPILLAS: Crispy caramel filled "pillows" with mango ice cream and caramel sauce
      ICE CREAMS: Mango, Mexican Chocolate or Peanut Praline
      SORBETS: Chili Lime, Kiwi Banana or Coconut

    2. The lemon tart at Matyson is my favorite - tart, fresh, and a wonderful crust. People have raved about the cobblers. They are known for their desserts.

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        The lemon tart was probably the most wonderful dessert I've ever had. Ever. My husband got the butterscotch pudding and could not bear to leave the one spoonful left, so he had the waitress pack it "to go." It came in a teeny tiny container and we all had a good laugh, but he wouldn't leave it behind, it was that good.

      2. I agree with the other posters who said you should reconsider dessert at Matyson. It's outstanding! However, if you do want to go somewhere else, I think SnackBar serves dessert - so that could fit your requirements?

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          Snackbar would be a good alternative, their desserts are usually very good, and the bar is nice. You may have to wait a little while to get in.

        2. Speaking generally, my two favorite desserts in Philly can be found at Morimoto's (mango-shiso mille feuille) and Horizon's (the tres leches mojito, which is, unfortunately, apparently seasonal).

          1. Matyson’s food was outstanding. We LOVED the food. We brought two bottles of wine (Caymus Cab 2004 and Spelletich Cellars Chardonnay) because I was not sure what I wanted to order. I initially had my eyes on the grilled Spanish octopus appetizer and the pan roasted California white sea bass for dinner. But, I ended up ordering something completely different.

            I had for my appetizer, the slow roasted pork belly and my husband ordered the grilled octopus. Both dishes were cooked perfectly. The pork belly was seasoned just right and it was very tasty and sweet. The grilled octopus was so tender and was seasoned the way my husband likes it. According to my husband, he had eaten octopus on four continents, but likes the one at Matyson best!

            For entree, I had the juniper spiced duck breast and he had the grilled New York strip. I liked my entree, but I was not crazy about it. I am very hard to please when it comes to duck dishes. But, my husband was very satisfied with his steak.

            For dessert, it took me a while to decide what I wanted. We ended up staying at the restaurant for dessert. I had the famous lemon soufflé tart and he got the coconut cream pie. My tart was light and tasty. I can see why people like the dessert here. My husband loved his coconut pie, especially with the macadamia nuts.

            Thank you all for the advice, and I’m looking forward to our next dinning our experience.