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Cheap, yummy lunch in Canoga Pk. Any suggestions?

I'm visiting a new customer in Canoga Park next week, have spent no time in that area and am looking for a place to pop in for a cheap, relatively quick lunch. My general preferences tend toward hole-in-the-wall sort of places for the tasty and exotic (well, not run of the mill American stuff, anyway), but I'm also a back-easter so any pretty good NY-variety deli or pizza would be great too. I'll be on Canoga between Nordhoff & Roscoe so recommendations in that general vicinity are most appreciated.

Thanks all!

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  1. Gorikee's in Woodland Hills off of Ventura and DeSoto is a great hole in the wall if you like garlic, but it's not quick. They have a website, and lunch is a super deal under $10 for gourmet food.

    Topanga Mall off of Victory and Topanga Canyon has a super food court with Korean, sushi bar, salad, coral tree cafe, among others

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      I love the new updated Topanga Mall food court - it's beautiful and the food looks exciting but I find it very pricey. A friend and I just ate there. We got at the Korean place, 2 beef/port combos (total of two bowls) and one water and it was $20.

      Honestly to me that is too expensive for mall food. My pork was cold.

    2. Gotta back my peeps and say go to Nipa Hut for some Filipino food. IT's your basic turo-turo, hot line with different items everyday. YOu can't go wrong with the Lechon Kawali and a hearty soup like Sinigang. If you're lucky, they'll have garlic fried chicken, its to die for!

      a 2 item combo is $4.75 plus tax, with drink, you're set back maybe $6.50?

      Nipa hut is on Sherman way, just west of Topanga Cyn.

      1. Mmmmmmm ... garlic! Speed be damned when garlic is involved. Thanks for the rec.

        And thanks too for the food court suggestion. I'm always inclined to assume them pits of food despair unless someone tells me otherwise and I'll be in CP often enough to want a good handfull of options.

        1. Les Sisters - 21818 Devonshire (1 block east of Topanga) in Chatsworth. Incredible southern food (don't be afraid of the catfish). No reservations, park on the street, small place - get there early to get a table. If you get the lemonade, make sure you add sugar before you drink it.

          Woodlands - (woodlandschatsworth.com). Very good Indian food however it is vegetarian (if that puts you off). Tight parking lot but no available street parking.

          Vincenzo's Pizza - (vincenzospizza.com) Chatsworth location is nearby. I'd advise against getting a slice (why get a slice when you can call ahead and a personal pizza). My favourite pizza outside of Brooklyn.

          San Carlo Italian Deli - 10178 Mason (in the large strip mall). Packed but efficient. You'll love any sandwich you get.

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            I second all these suggestions, especially Les Sisters and Woodlands. To me, they are on complete opposites of the carnivore-herbivore spectrum, so depending on what mood you're in you'll eat well.

          2. I second Gorikee's. At lunch they serve something called the Wimpy Burger, which is topped with gingered onions and served with spicy shoestring fries. I sneak away from the office to grab lunch there by myself sometimes. Mmmm - may have to do that tomorrow.

            Carrillo's is a great spot for authentic Mexican - homemade tortillas, wonderful carnitas. On Sherman Way near Corbin. Definitely a hole in the wall.

            Pine Tree has decent Korean food. Reseda near Roscoe.

            Mandarin Deli has great Chinese dumplings, soups, cold dishes. Reseda near Nordhoff.

            Have a nice day.

            1. Hey, thanks everyone! Gorikee is definitely next week's destination but now I'm going to have some hard choices the next few visits. The list I'm compiling looks awfully tasty and I'm looking forward to having a good mix of options in the Valley again. Thank goodness they're a good client and I'll have to see them pretty regularly.

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                If you like hole-in-the-wall ethnic joint, Canoga Park has some good ones:

                Taqueria El Tapatio: 7214 Jordan Ave. (Sherman Way), Canoga Park
                Taqueria El Tapatio: 22806 Victory Blvd. (Fallbrook), Woodland Hills
                --Great carnitas tacos and burritos. I prefer the Jordan Ave lunch counter. Funkier and the carnitas are just a bit tastier. Plus they usually give you a scoop of beans on your tortilla chips.

                La Coronita: 7011 Canoga Ave. (Vanowen), Canoga Park
                Love the breakfasts...served all day; huevos rancheros, huevos con salchichas, etc. Very rich beans, surprisingly good rice and often handmade tortillas (the tortillas are always freshly made, but sometimes they use a tortilla press). The burritos are huge and quite good. Just about everything I've had here has been very good.

                India's Sweets & Spices: 22009 Sherman Way (Topanga Canyon), Canoga Park
                Tasty Indian veg dishes. Lunch special gets you three dishes, roti, papadam, samosa, etc. Excellent samosas and aloo tikki (potato patties), which are well spiced and flavorful; just two or three of those make a good, fast lunch.

                Ba Le: 7223 De Soto (Sherman Way), Canoga Park
                Decent Vietnamese noodle shop. Crowded at lunch. Cash only.

                If you can make it over to Sherman Way and Reseda for luch, there's a passle of Vietnamese places as well.

                Good luck!

              2. Follow Your Heart cafe in back of health food store. I was in there 20 years ago and stopped back for lunch a couple of years ago and the waitress and I remembered each other!! good, fresh, organic and cheap

                1. Almost right across the street from the NIpa hut is Cavaretta's Italian Deli. One of the best meatball sandwiches. Get's busy at lunch; they have that ticket/number order system and there are only a few tables to sit at.

                  If you are willing to venture, go up to Ventura blvd, head west go to DAn's subs. I like the italian combo. It's just west of shoup.

                  1. follow your heart café is amazing. i highly recommend it.

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