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Feb 7, 2007 04:39 PM

Herbs...thumbs down on Winterlicious!

Hello all,

I know from other posts that Winterlicious is not always what it is hyped up to be!

However, since I had never had tried a Winterlicious dinner before I though I would give it a go.

Based on the menu, my party and I booked into Herbs. The menu sounded great! I had a nice sized serving of foie gras pate with an iced cider gelee, a chicken breast stuffed with wild boar accompanied by a fabulous reduction, fingerling potatoes and green beans cooked so surprisingly perfectly that I almost (if only they too were stuffed with wild boar!) enjoyed those the most.

But....and this is a big BIG BUT!....The waitress was absolutely sour!

We were a party of four and noticeably younger than the rest of the crowd (although not that young we are all last twenties early thirties). The minute we sat I could tell the waitress was not impressed. From there it was down hill....attentive service it was not!

I waitressed for years and totally appreciate the need to attend to perhaps more demanding high maintenance tables but the magic of a good waitress is in not letting that show.

To top it off, as we put on our coats we were accidently blocking her entrance into the adjascent dinning room and she, quite visibly, began rolling her eyes at us!

She made us feel like second class diners! Her lack professionalism is not doing justice to the wonderful meal the chef prepared.


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  1. are you supposing that this one waitress's poor attitude is related to it being winterlicious?

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    1. re: orangewasabi

      I meant that since we were ordering from the winterlicious menu and not the much more expensive regular menu. I can understand that somewhat having waitressed....the tip is based on the expense of the bill. But there are downers to every job and I don't think it is fair to make diners feel like they are not as worthy of decent service if they aren't spending as much as others.

    2. Hah...yeah when my friends went they said they were also clearly the only youngish table in the place...think they were treated well though. Also, that their regular meal was significantly better than their winterlicious one.

      1. I don't like getting bad service and it can definitely be adverse to going back if it's bad enough, however, based on your description of the food, it seems that a "thumbs down" is a bit harsh. Your description sounds like a "thumbs up" for the food and "thumbs down" for the service.

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        1. re: pescatarian

          Yeah you are right! I mentioned that though. I think the service wasn't up to par with the food which was great!

          I think that dining out is the total package including service and the food. The front of the house and the back of the house have to support and reflect the standards of the other.

          If I am paying the same price as everyone else and tipping well I don't think there is any excuse for a server's poor attitude.


        2. Because of how busy some resturants get during winterlicious (and the fact that their regular staff may not want to put up with the hassle) many resturants have to resort to getting temp staff in to serve during this period. These people would not be hired except for the fact that they need bodies to work. I bet if you go back after licious that girl will not be there... This is not optimal for anyone but is a fact of life for the popular restuarants.

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          1. re: OnDaGo


            That is good to know!

            It is terrible when the food and everything else is so good and the service isn't. I am totally fine with waiting since we were so into conversation anyway but the snotty attitude I can do without!

            Thanks for letting me know!


          2. "I waitressed for years and totally appreciate the need to attend to perhaps **more demanding high maintenance** tables but the magic of a good waitress is in not letting that show."

            Was your server upset because you were demanding/high maintenance? Having done the job myself I know that it's not always possible to remain expressionless when certain customers are making your life difficult with inane questions or demanding things above & beyond reason when it is very busy. The "magic" that you mention above does not always translate to real life. Servers are human, and they do get upset from time to time. I always try to look around, see what is going on in the room and assess the situation. That being said, I am never demanding or HM, so I've not experienced what you say you did! Next time try being a bit more chill and see how it goes. (Whenever I read complaints such as yours I wish that I had the server's side of the story so that I could compare/contrast...)

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            1. re: gigi

              I hear you! We were really not being demanding....there was no special menu substitutions.

              The attitude started from the first instance. I don't care how busy it is, attitude is never warranted.