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Feb 7, 2007 04:06 PM

Korean Chicken

I'm sure lots of you saw the NY Times article on Korean fried chicken.

My brother's pal is one of the restaurants in the story and he tells me it's pretty amazing. Sounds a bit like Japanese teba-saki, which I've not been able to find much of in the Bay. Any tips on where to find either in the area?

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  1. I think the dry fried chicken at San Tung in the Sunset is similar but better than Korean style fried chicken. Since moving down to LA, my friends and I have been scouring K-town looking for a place that serves a similar dish without any luck. San Tung is always an obligatory stop on our trips north.

    1. I just made this version over the weekend. Scroll to the bottom of the article. Boy, I sure do miss Chicken Alice...


      1. First Korean/Seoul Market (Geary near 12th Ave) makes a chicken drummette-to-go that has the taste and texture (including the sauce after frying) that the NY Times article describes. They have packages of it fresh-made for sale at the cash register and it's a fast seller. It's always featured in potlucks at my kids' Korean immersion school and quickly disappears...

        1. Koreana Market in Oakland sells some also.

          1. In north Oakland, on Telegraph at 61st street, there's a Korean restaurant that advertises itself as a chicken place.

            Driving up Telegraph today we noticed several new Korean places opening up, on the same side of the street as Sahn Maru (in the 42nd to 45th street area).

            Also the place next to Saysetha, on Telegraph between 62nd and 63rd, also specializes in Korean chicken.