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Feb 7, 2007 03:59 PM

After dinner in Times Square

I have some out-of-town relatives comin into town on the weekend of the 17th..we're going to Tony DiNapoli's in Times Square for dinner, as that is their choice...but they want to go some place after dinner--they want me to choose the type of place and the actual place.

What do you suggest in the Times Square area--whether it's a club, a bar, a coffee bar, or any other suggestion other than porn? We do want to stay in that basic area as my husband has a bad leg.

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  1. Kemia Bar & Lounge is located in the space downstairs from the restaurant Marseille, on the corner 9th Av. & 44th St.

    The famous Algonquin Hotel, on 44th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs. is another option. You can have drinks in the Blue Bar and/or coffee and tea in the lobby. If you're interested in entertainment, you can check their Oak Room cabaret schedule.

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      There's also the bar at the Royalton in that area - don't know the exact address.

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        Same block as the Algonquin, but across the street: 44 West 44th St.

        That block is "hotel row." Others include the Iroquois (its restaurant is Triomphe) and the City Club Hotel, where dbBistro is located.

    2. There are a bunch of places on 9th Ave in the 40's. A lot are really fratty though once the sun goes down. You might consider a hotel bar for a good cocktail. There are lots around there to choose from although of course I can't think of anything right now. :) (How's that for helpful?)

      1. There's a revolving restaurant / lounge atop the Marriott Marquis on 45th & Broadway.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions. We're looking into several of them--the Algonquin sounds interesting, with lots of choices.

          Any other suggestions...keep them coming.

          1. You can also do the 8th floor in the Marriott Marquis (it's the lobby bar- very pretty and also has a rotating section); Collins Bar is fun for beers (46th and 8th); you can have some drinks and play video games at Dave and Buster's in Times Sq; there's a new dessert place in Hells Kitchen called Kyotofu- it's Japanese dessert & they have a large tea selection. It's on 9th in the 40s.