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Just moved to Brick, NJ

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We just moved to Brick and were hoping someone had suggestions for good restaurants, from pizza to gourmet. Thanks!!

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  1. Welcome to the shore!!!!

    For sushi, I love IKKO. It is the same shopping center that Sports Authoriity is located.
    For Italian there is Villa Victoia and Carrabba's on Mantaloking Road.
    Bonefish Grille (Rt 70)
    If you just want diner food,, try the Rainbow Diner on Rt 70
    There are no decent kosher deli restaurants in Brick, The closest one is in Freehold, Fred and Murrays
    Craig's on Princeton Avenue is a very nice eatery. There you can get anything from steak to fish.

    Let me know how you make out

    1. I don't know of any "gourmet" restaurants in Brick. The nearest ones would be in Toms River with Slowly and maybe Bistro 44. Otherwise you have to head north to Monmouth County (Spring Lake or Red Bank) or South to LBI (the Gables). Good Luck.

      1. I heard good things about Country Store 1563 Rte 88 in Brick. Haven't been there.

        For Mexican food, go to El Tenampa at 2770 Hooper Ave in Brick.

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          El Tenampa - the BEST mexican in the Monmouth / Ocean County region!! Shhhhh!

        2. Maria's in Manasquan is good italian food along with IL giardinello in Toms river. The Pilot House on 70 is also good

          1. For authentic Mexican, go to Mexico Lindo on Burnt Tavern Road near Parkway exit 91. They have the best mole I've had outside of Mexico. Villa Vittoria is also excellent. Not sure if it's still there, but I love J. P. Lee's Mongolian Barbeque on Rt 70 in Shop Rite plaza.

            1. The rainbow diner is prettry standard diner fare, but the service and be the best or the worst you have ever had, And management knows this,.The last time our server was so bad, getting food wrong, shoving items, rushing then ignoring when we spoke to the manager, he told us to to not come back again then. And he meant it! My 74 year old mother was agast!

              Go to the Ocean Queen diner across the street, nice service, same diner food.

              1. JP Lee's is still there except its now just called Mongolian Barbecue. I guess they are no longer part of the franchise. I was there a few weeks back and its still as good as it has always been.

                1. Mariner's Cove in Brielle is an amazing spot for weekend breakfast or brunch. Their waffles and omelets are out of this world.

                  1. You can also try Labrador Lounge in Normandy. It's a BYO and very good. Also, let's not forget La Fontana on Drum Point Road. They just expanded and made a nice dining room. Atlantic Grill in Seaside is excellent, but pricey.

                    1. George's Place on Mantoloking Road - great Italian.

                      1. Bricktownlive.com should give you a pretty good idea of the lay of the landscape for restaurants in Brick, Lakewood & Point Pleasant

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                          I haven't been in about 2 years, but I have enjoyed four or five very good Italian dinners at Ciao Baby. The name is horrible, but the ambiance is very nice. There's a youthful euro-trash (but definitely Jersey) edge to the place. It's bright and has contemporary design elements. The owners of Ciao Baby also own Lubrano's in Wall, which has very good NYC-style pizza (sold by the pie only, NYC-style meaning thin but doughy/droopy crust, lightly sauced with a sweet and garlicky sauce and very cheesey with orange cheese that stretches when you bite it) and a nice escarole/sausage/white bean appetizer that is big and delicious enough to make a great entree (if you can deal with the breakfast-link-sized sausage). The straciatella soup at Ciao Baby is the best I've ever had in a restaurant. BYOB.

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                            Via Venneto on Brick Blvd is excellent for Italian dinner. BYOB. The ambiance, service and food are top-notch. They've been there 17 yrs. We found gold because the food in Brick is generally gross, coming from Central NJ 2 yrs ago.
                            Still looking for a decent sandwich/breakfast place in Brick.
                            Mariner's Cove in Brielle is awsome as was mentioned earlier.

                        2. Craigs' Prinston Ave..Brick .Pub type ,freindly people ,good food @ reasonable prices