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Feb 7, 2007 03:53 PM

Tajine reopened, and where?

I read a series of increasingly hungry-making posts about this place, as a potetial source of dinner with the Chow-Spouse while we're in San Francisco this weekend, only to come up to November of 2006 (searched posts not in chron order: tech staff: when can we make this happen?) and find a series of references to its closing, and relocating with a re-open date in February or March. ARGGHHH GNASHING OF TEETH!

Knowing the resto biz, I'm guessing this means April.

Did they actually reopen yet?


r gould-saltman

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    1. Waaaaa... just talked to the owner; he's now aiming at mid-to-late March. So much for this weekend....

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        1. re: chaddict

          I believe that the tablehopper reported that Tajine would be reopening at 1338 Polk @ Pine/Bush.

          When it opens, it will always be a debate between going to Darbar or Tajine, since they'll be so close to each other.

          1. re: shortexact

            Any word yet on whether or not Tajine has re-opened? If so, has anyone had a chance to check them out in their new digs?

              1. re: Maya

                Well, according to that thread, two weeks ago it was supposed to open "next week" -- so has anyone called to see if they're open (I'd do it, but I have laryngitis)?

                1. re: Ruth Lafler

                  They are just waiting for the Fire dept.'s approval. He said "probably first week in April."

                  Rest your voice and get better soon!

      1. says Tajine should be open by either April 9th or 11th, according to a 4/3 post.

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        1. re: zippo

          Thanks for the notice. I can't wait till they reopen!

          Here's the web URL: