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Feb 7, 2007 03:51 PM

Good Italian Restaurants in Little Italy and San Diego

Good Italian Restaurants in San Diego?

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  1. Trattoria Positano in Solana Beach.

    1. Antica Trattoria in La Mesa. Also, Trattoria Di IV in Santee, when they reopen.

      1. I've heard Sante in La Jolla is good, although I haven't been yet.

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          I've only been once, but it was excellent. They had a venison dish with blueberry sauce that was absolutely fantastic. We've always wanted to go back, but just haven't made it.

          Manhattan, and La Taverna are also recommended in La Jolla. I've also heard good things about Antica Trattoria in La Mesa, and I Trulli in Encinitas.

          In Little Italy, the only place I like is Buon Appetito. Old Venice in Point Loma is also a nice date place - with a nice romantic setting, but the food is really nothing special.

        2. Oldx Venice in Point Loma
          Baci on Morena Blvd, on the pricy side, great service. They will create entree's for an apetizer and visa versa, They other day they made the Clams as an entree and the Quatro Famagi as a starter.
          Old Trieste on Morena, you do need a jacket at Old Trieste. Very old school, and very good. It is very small.

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            We just went to Old Venice for the first (and likely last) time and were really disappointed. Food was really average all the way around. I think La Scala on the next block over is much better.

            Baci is great, too. Probably my favorite in San Diego thus far. Old Trieste is still on the list, but we will be going there at some point.

          2. I'm a fan of Bon Appetito in Little Italy. It's just across from Indigo Grill. Their duck salad is fantastic!