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Feb 7, 2007 03:39 PM

GOOD Korean BBQ in Hollywood/Downtown area?

I'm planning on getting some friends together for Korean BBQ for my birthday. We've been to Manna on Olympic (which we enjoyed).
Chai's Place and Chosun Kalbi have both been recommended. Anybody been to either one?

Any other gems out there for a fairly large (and most likely a bit rowdy) group?

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  1. Here is just one previous thread that mentions some of the most highly rated Korean BBQ places in K-town. If you plug the word "korean bbq" in the search box you will see "tons" more threads on this subject that could literally have you reading and not eating until sometime next year.

    1. soot bull gui rim- there's 2 locations. one on 3rd and vermont and the other is on 6th and manhattan. MUCH better than manna but the same idea with all u can eat at $14.99 but includes marinated korean bbq, den jang (strong miso) soup, and neng myun (cold noodles) at the end which manna doesn't offer. quality of meat is good and can't beat the price. chosun is much more expensive but their meat is also good. the best thing there is the joo moolluk which is lightly marinated korean bbq. its a much better quality and tastes better in my opinion than the regular galbi (which is a little too sweet and meat is too fatty). many ppl also like soot bull jeep but I think its overrated. for the best bang for ur buck go to soot bull gui rim.

      1. Chosun Galbee on Olympic has great food! Decor is modern and their patio dining area is really nice too. Good mix of people too. Long wait for dinner on weekends, you might want to call to see if they take reservations.

        1. Hodori is yummy, but if you go after clubbing there will probably be a fight.

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            hodori is only good when drunk, otherwise its ok at best.

          2. Chosun has a fabulous hip, modern decor, and for that reason alone, I'd consider taking friends there. However, I'm a bul gogi (grilled, marinated rib eye slices) fanatic and theirs is just okay. The bi bim bop's better. I'm a Woo Lae Oak fan (closed for construction) and haven't found anything to top it yet re: lean bulgoki.