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Feb 7, 2007 03:22 PM

What ever happened to Le Rivage?

I know that Le Rivage on the D.C. waterfront closed awhile back when they lost their lease. There were rumors of a planned relocation. Does anyone know if it has resurfaced in a new form?

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  1. The owners are good friends of mine, Alain and Didier.

    They are out of the restaurant business, and have been for several years. Alain left first and opened Direct Jewelry Outlet in Falls Church, making a huge success of it. They make custom jewelry, and their prices and quality beat everyone else every time.

    Yet, whenever I'm in that store, all we talk about is food, and Didier inevitably brings out his dark chocolate (Belgian, from Trader Joe's) stash, and we continue talking about food and cooking and anything but jewelry. They are such French Foodies, those two great guys.

    As the lease ran out, Didier kept Le Rivage going, but when it was over, he joined Alain in the store, and they are both happy, healthy, doing very, very well both personally and professionally, and I am going to call them tomorrow to let them know that Le Rivage was mentioned here on one of my most favorite sites.