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Feb 7, 2007 02:59 PM

Best Mexican food in/near Eagle Rock

I'm looking for the best neighborhood places - looking to drive 10/15 minutes tops. Anywhere that delivers would be great to know about, too. Thanks in advance!

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  1. What kind of Mexican food?

    For Americanized, almost Tex-Mex style, Jerry's Mexican in the CVS/Super A plaza is good

    For sort-of Americanized but better than a chain restaurant Mexican, El Arco Iris on York just past the Big Lots

    I've heard good things about La Fuente in the minimall just west of Eagle Rock on Colorado

    Rambo's taco truck south of York on the east side of Eagle Rock is good. Leo's, the one next to it, is OK too. I also like the La Estrella truck on the north side of York -- can't remember the cross street but it's around the Big Lots I think.

    Senor Fish has good seafood dishes but sometimes is hit-or-miss

    For cheap and homemade, Elvira's is ok. It's on Colorado by the Check n Go

    Can't recommend Juanita's on Eagle Rock and Ave. 42, but only because their health dept. scores have been terrible. Food might be good but I'm not willing to test my stomach's tolerance.

    Taco Spot on Colorado is "yuppie Mexican" with a more healthy flair. Expensive, though.

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      In my opinion the best things at Senor Fish are the Scallop Taco & the fish Ceviche. Other stuff is good but as you say hit and miss. Those two never fail to please.

      1. re: PurpleTeeth

        I think the fish tacos are pretty consistent too, and agree about the ceviche.
        And of course La Cabanita, mentioned in a several recent threads, is not far in Montrose.

    2. Forget Eagle Rock, just go next door to Highland Park where the world is your (authentic, regional) Mexican oyster.