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Feb 7, 2007 02:44 PM

Chipotles on 110/Broadway [moved from Manhattan board]

Well, according to the Columbia Spectator, Casbah Rouge is being replaced by a Chipotles, some kind of nationwide mexican chain. What the heck is that all about? Is it any good or is it the MacDonalds of Mexican?

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  1. It's literally the McDonald's of Mexican, since it's owned by McD. But personally, I find their food to be decent.

    1. Chipotle is a Mexican (tex-mex?) fast food chain that originated out west and entered the New York market a few years ago. Its been quite successful.

      While McDonald's did at one point own a percentage of Chipotle (not originally), I do believe that McDonald's divested itself completely of Chipotle about a year ago or so.

      But, yeah, for fast mexican(-ish) food, its pretty tasty.

      1. I just ate at Chipotle (at 20th and Sixth) for the first time tonight. The burrito was pretty tasty, especially the picadillo and cheese. The atmosphere was so-so; the ordering was Subway/Boston Market-style assembly-line, and there was a bottleneck at the cashier. The dining area was set up for eat-and-run with only a few booths and a lot of counter space with stools.

        It's pretty similar to Burritoville, but more corporate and not as comfortable. Also, you have to pay for your chips and salsa, and ask for free water.

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          Chipotle doesn't serve a picadillo burrito, so far as I'm aware. I also think you're way off base comparing Chipotle to Burritoville, which doesn't have grilled meat and puts brown rice (feh!) on their burritos. Chipotle serves what may be the best mission-style burritos in NYC. By west coast standards, however, they are average to subpar. The problem is the tortilla is too thick, and the fillings too cold -- the cheese never melts properly.

          PS: Just FYI, the Chipotle on 6th Ave is btw 21st and 22nd.

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            The picadillo burrito was on the menu, and I ate it. My memory is very clear. And brown rice is great on a burrito; keeps you from getting beriberi.

        2. Good food and an even better business model imo. Do one thing (variations notwithstanding), and do it well. I would bet that Chipotle was what David Chang had in mind when he started Ssam.

          On another note, Im not really a fan of the new (newer) spicy shredded pork.

          1. They're no longer 'owned' by McD. When they were involved, it was all financial.

            As for spicy pork, their pork is the only non-spicy meat. You must be confusing it with the spicy beef.

            Gumnaam - check out

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              1. re: cheftamara

                Correct -- it's now its own publicly traded company. Ticker symbol CMG. I wrote a news piece on the company -- its earnings and sales growth have been tremendous -- and the company is especially strong in the midwest.