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Feb 7, 2007 02:42 PM

This year's Pesach baked goods

I hear that the venerable G & I bakery has given up on Pesach (their year round stuff is made in another company's facility). WHat should one substitute, anything less costly than SHicks, and less tasteless than the cheapos? I hope Oberlanders are around, because they make almond based macaroons, which I much prefer to the ubiquitous coconut ones.
Are there any new Pesach products, I heard that there is more deja-vu same pstuff with new labels and similar excitement. Been a while since there was an exciting new Pesach product, the last one was high quality real fruit sorbet.

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  1. One of the challenges of finding good Pesach baked products is that most kosher for Passover commercial bakeries use non gebrokhts (no matzo meal is used) ingredients. Osem products (fom Israel) does have decent kosher for Passover cakes that are gebrokhts (made with matzo meal).

    I think that there is a demand fior better tasting kosher for Passover baked goods. Bakeries that only use non gebrokhts ingredients want to be able to sell to all segments of the kosher population. Nevertheless, I believe that there are enough people, who do eat gebrokhts during Passover that would support a gebrokhts producing commercial bakery. The proof for this is that most packaged cake mixes that are kosher for Passover are made with matzo meal
    and many people buy this product. Doesn't it make sense that these same people would also buy all ready made gebrokhts cakes.

    1. Hirsch Bakery makes good stuff, but I didn't see their products last year, so it's possible that they're gone.