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Feb 7, 2007 02:28 PM

Balsalmic vinegar

Husband just spent $50 on 8 oz. 4 leaf. Says it STILL isn't right stuff. Says it isn't the thick rich kind he wants. hmmmm Any suggestions?

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  1. when you say thick, it makes me think of a balsamic reduction?

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      I have to agree. Not an expert, but all the soso and good ones I've had over the years were NOT thick...until I reduced it for a glaze.

    2. Probably not the thickness that he is looking for but Cooks Illustrated a bit ago rated various balsamic vinegars, including some pretty high end stuff and one of their top rated brands was the Whole Foods' 365 Organic (think it sells for around 7 bucks). I'm no vinegar groupie, but my Tuscan born and raised wife claims to be and she's pretty enthusiastic about it. Of course if this is going to stand a chance with your husband , best to introduce it to him from a hand crafted bottle in portions that imply that it's both scarce and costly.

      1. I have some of this -- it's really lovely, and quite thick and rich. The kind of stuff best had by licking a drop off the back of one's hand.

        This one is also very good for the price >> Glass Stopper ("12-year") Balsamic

        the utility curve gets pretty flat on the higher price point but it is really delicious

        1. The longer it's aged, the higher the price. The higher the price, the thicker and richer.

          I've been to aceto balsamico tastings before and I assure you that that a 50-year-old is divine, a 75-year-old is sublime, and a 100-year-old is danged near orgasmic.

          But even the differences between six, twelve and twenty year old balsamics is dramatic.

          1. We use one we've purchased in Draeger's (San Francisco Bay Area); it's quite thick and perfectly delicious! The label says Aceto balsamico di Modena "old", produced by Fondo Montebello S.r.l., and is approximately $65 fo 8.5 ounces.