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Feb 7, 2007 02:09 PM

Dolce Vita Pizzeria & Enoteca

Just got the March 07 Bon Appetit. Dolce Vita Pizzeria & Enoteca is listed in The Restaurant Reporter on page 68 under The dish Artisanal Pizza.

Since I'm sure it's copyrighted I'm not going to type what's written but it says the pizza crust is perfect, chewy and crispy at the same time with first rate toppings. Also mentions that Da Marco is the best Italian restaurant in town.

Haven't yet tried Da Marco's but we love Dolce Vita. Pizza's are the best though last time we were there we noticed they no longer serve them whole but cut them like American pizza. Was saddened to see them give in to the pressure but I guess you have to when in business to some degree and at least it doesn't effect the taste of the pizza.

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  1. Were you with a large group? I've heard that they do that for large tables for sharing.

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      No, just 3 of us. I was the only one that ordered pizza. The others ordered their own entree. I did share but we've been on other occasions and never before had the pizza been cut.

    2. I don't get Dolce VIta. I'm just moving to Houtson. Based on reviews here and elsewhere on the web I hied myself to Dolce Vita on my first visit here, a few weeks ago. I ordered a pizza with tomato sauce, fresh basil and fresh mozzarella. I've never had a pizza before where I wanted to reach for a salt shaker. Alas, there was none on the table. Perhaps I'm not "sensitive" enough to appreciate Dolce Vita's "delicate" flavor. The crust was fine -- very thin and crisp -- but without tasty toppings, what's the point??

      1. I have found wanting a little salt on my Dolce Vita. As to your other point? Did you not see the pancetta and leek pizza or the arugula and truffle pizza?

        1. We were at Dolce Vita again last night. It is still one of our favorite restaurants in town and our favorite Italian restaurant.

          Last night one of the specials was rib eye steak. It was a very good rib eye and I'm not a big meat eater. They served it with portobello mushrooms that were also very good and mashed potatoes. I'm sure hubby will order it whenever he sees it.

          1. i was at dolce vita last week and had the taleggio, pear, and truffle pizza at the bar . the bartender asked me if i would like my pizza sliced. he told me they were supposed to ask before cutting it b/c some guests wanted it whole, although i've ordered pizza there on many other occasions and i was always just brought a sliced pizza. maybe let your waiter know your preference ahead of time?

            fyi, da marco does a 3 course prix-fixe business lunch on friday for ~$22. if you can't make lunch, let me forewarn you. da marco can be outrageously expensive if you order any of the specials of the day which can be over $40 each easily. if you ask the server to help you select a wine, don't be afraid to point to a wine on the list and let him/her know it is your price point. the servers there are notorious for trying to upsell in order to increase your check. da marco is so wonderful though and is hands-down the best italian restaurant in town.