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Aside from Papa Christo's any Greek recs

Spent a month last summer in Greece, in Athens, Rhoades and a little island called Symi. Amazing time, AMAZING food!

I really miss the place, the people, the sun, the sea and the eats. Any recomendations? I live downtown so I have been to Papa Christo's a few times. I thought it was okay but I haven't found anything better. Is there anything else relatively nearby? Especially something homey but serving good seafood? Otherwise anything that will take me back farther away. San Pedro is far but I would go if there was nothing closer and got a strong rec.

Help me pretend I am back in Greece!


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  1. Here is a link to a pretty recent thread that should be of help in your search. Good luck.


    1. Anyone ever been here?:


      I listen to Petros Papadakis on the radio and this is his dad's place. He's always inviting listeners down for dinner. The web site shows lots of awards.

      Too bad, it's also in San Pedro. If you're gonna make the drive, you'll probably go to the place you already like.

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        I went there last year. The food was just OK. The service was good, friendly and attentive. The meal was priced to high for a just above average dinner. Sadly, would not bother to go back.

      2. Not sure where you are, but Georges (2 of 'em) and Ambrosia Cafe are both in Long Beach - I prefer Georges, But I've been told Ambrosia has good breakfast.

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          I totally second the George's recommendation (especially now that they're in Belmont Shore!). Note, however, that the family is Cypriot Greek, so the food is very slightly different from Greek from the mainland. It's still great-- just subtly different.

        2. Alexis in Northridge is excellent - best certainly in SFV. http://alexisgreek.com Chef is Greek. His wife - also a chef - is Portuguese - so there are ALSO some wonderful Portuguese specialties like Bacalhau, Chicken Piri Piri. Loganica

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            I like Alexis, myself, although a Greek friend tells me it's not "real" greek. I love it.

            Frankly, I aslo enjoy Great greek, although it isn't up to Alexis.

            I hear the one in Malibu is good, Tony's Taverna

          2. I would also love some recommendations for good Greek food.
            The Great Greek in Sherman Oaks is good, but nothing spectacular, in my opinion. The dolmades were especially disappointing (they didn't really have any taste at all, when I had them). I really liked the melitzanosalata though - flavorful and creamy. the spanakopita and moussaka were okay, but not really memorable or special. the pasticcio (sp?) tasted like something a Greek Chef Boyardee would make. complimentary sourdough bread was served before the meal - it was warm, soft and delicious! (just a sidenote - is it just me or do few restaurants send out good complimentary bread? I've encountered bread as stale and cold as bricks at places like the Water Grill)
            I've read good reviews of Ulysses' Voyage near the Farmer's Market and I pass by it all the time, but for some reason its proximity to the Grove makes me hesitate to try it.

            1. Who here remembers NEver On Sunday ? It used to be next to Auditory Odyssey in Van Nuys, or North Hollywood. near the Great Western Building that used to have the huge Raiders Player Mural, I think. Was that Laurel canyon?

              1. i heard from several people that ulysses at the farmer's market is good

                1. I've heard good things about a place called Petros in Manhattan Beach (http://losangeles.citysearch.com/prof...). My grandparents went there recently and said it was good.

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                    I wasn't impressed by Petros, and neither were those in my party. The food just didn't taste fresh. However the doughnuts for dessert were among the best desserts I've ever had.

                    Papadakis in San Pedro is very good, and you get to see a real Greek dance with dinner, along with throwing the plates. The waiters there are really fun, and John Papadakis is a charming host.

                    I personally liked Sofi, but my wife was not impressed, and she's usually a better judge than I am.

                    Le Petit Greek in Larchmont is hit or miss. When it's good, it's really good, but when they're not on their game, it's mediocre. Not bad, but mediocre.

                    I've never been able to see the draw of Joseph's in Hollywood. I've had three lousy meals there.

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                      I lived in Athens for 6 months and am always looking for a good authentic Greek meal. I really like Petros, although it is a bit pricey--not exactly the taverna feel you may be looking for. I did some research before I went and followed the recommendations. I LOVED the sea bass and my date really enjoyed his pastisio, although the sea bass was really where it's at. We also had the saganaki and were impressed with the Bougatsa, a semolina dessert. It was a fabulous meal, but I think we ordered well. I also recommend looking for "Greek festivals" I know Redondo Beach has one annually, and I'm sure that if you looked up the nearest Greek Orthodox church, there would be information on festivals, which are always focused on food (ok, and dance).

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                      I liked Petros, but it was a bit more 'gourmet' than I had hoped. For 'fancy' but still a bit more 'soulful' I like Christakis (ps?) in Tustin.


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                        Has anyone ever seen Dommy and Mattopoisett in the same room ... ?

                        j/k ... :) ... but it does appear someone has a split personality ...

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                          No, Dommy! was just using my laptop while on a trip and forgetting to log me out.

                          Take care,

                          - P.

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                            I figured something like that ... take care, yourselves ...

                    3. Is Alexis in Northridge a Greek restaurant?

                      I'm pretty sure it is ....

                      It's really good, too ...

                      1. sorry to say it but i really don't think such food exists in the US. what you had in greece
                        was home cooking (even though they were restaurants). here it is restaurant food, plain and simple, even at the best places. the same goes for persian, turkish and probably italian food, imho. here and there one can find a dish, a reminder. but nothing here is that

                        1. Not greek, but there's a fantastic Mediterranean place in Brentwood - The Green Olive. It's in a mall, and it look like a fast food place, easy to miss or skip. But every since I discovered it, I've eaten there about 3 times a week. It's on Wilshire at Brockton.

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                            i would call this place fair, decent. their tabbouli is surprisingly good for fastish food.

                            but a full representative of true middle eastern/greek food it isn't

                          2. The Great Greek in the Valley: fun, lively, get the greek feast and just... feast. Their baby lamb was damn good

                            Petros in Manhattan Beach: Yes, very contemporary, much more of a "scene" scene, but some of the dishes were quite nice, like the saganaki covered in sesame seads and served with raisins, and the meatballs. I forget what else we had when we went, but it was packed.

                            Taverna Tony in Malibu: Food was good; I think this was my favorite pastistio of them all. the patio is fantastic, chances of a celeb sighting pretty good.

                            Papadakis: Not my favorite food of the bunch, felt more banquet-y for some reason, though the cuts of meat they use are quality, and the taramasalata (I'm sure i spelled that wrong) was different, more bread-like, served on the table with your bread, like butter. Here, i would get lamb. But the Papadakis family, now that's a family. I think the son, the sports newscaster, waited on us. And there was some USC ex-coach in the house, and he got a standing ovation. This is a USC restaurant, heart and soul. Very old building, high ceilings. Lively, with the dancer. And there was some kind of tapdancer or something, too. Random, but fun to watch.

                            Sofi: beautiful patio, Ok food.

                            And of course, Papa Christo's is special for what it is, and for Chrys Chrys, the owner.

                            1. Ulysses' Voyage was awful when I went with my mom. Honestly, we couldn't even finish the food. She had the octopus and salad and I had the lamb gyro and soup. Soup was definitively canned and the lamb was so salty that it was inedible. Having spent time in greece, I was very dissapointed.
                              I'm a big papa cristo's fan however. What about Sofi on 3rd next to AOC. It used to be good 10 years ago, but I haven't eaten there in years.