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Feb 7, 2007 01:52 PM

Aces- Long Island City/Astoria

has anyone been to this new spot, 'Aces' on 36th ave & 32st? I've seen it mentioned a few times in TimeOut, it seems to have opened recently. I've gone past it, it looks cool, that's all I know. Any info? type of food, price range, worth it? thanks!

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  1. Here'a what I wrote after my first time there:

    Been back four or five times since, and the food's been consistently excellent. They have a bar menu that includes cornmeal-crusted calamari. Yum. Oh, and mojitos (I've had plain and blackberry, both crisp and just sweet enough). Really, I can't say enough good things about it; the owner really seems to care about the details and about making his customers happy.

    1. thanks! i searched but didn't see your previous entry...i'm definately going to go check it out soon. it sounds great, and right in my 'hood too.

      1. You're welcome! Please report back -- I'd love to hear about your experience.

        1. UPDATE: I went last night and while I thought it was good, there's room for improvement. My fiancee had the ribeye, which he loved-it was a very generous portion with a big scoop of spicy (? couldn't place the taste) mashed potatoes on the side. I had the striped bass, which was good, it was cooked just right. However it sat in a pool of sauce- on one side a black bean puree and the other a mango coulis which was just a tad too sweet to have with an entree.And there were 3 little pieces of plantain on top.that's it. While the fish was a good-sized peice it was a little wierd to have it come with nothing really on the side, potatoes or veggies or even just some mixed greens. Overall though, we both liked our food and the place itself. I will definately go back, I understand that they just opened and perhaps they're still working out the kinks.

          1. Funny, we were there last night, too -- took my parents. And my bf had the striped bass and said he prob. wouldn't get it again either (first time he's ever said that about anything he's had there). Agree that the rib-eye is terrific (the mashed is spiced with chipotle, I think). I had the skate, with came with a couple of sides as I recall. So you're right -- upon reflection, I agree that some of the entree sizes are a bit unequal. But maybe they'll work that out....Glad your overall experience was good!