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Feb 7, 2007 01:47 PM

Korean Fried Chicken, where?

Just read the NYT article on the light crispy Korean Fried Chicken, but sadly no addresses of the featured chicken joints were offered. I've been limited by a lack of a car to going for BonChon chicken in NJ, but now that there is a Manhattan branch, I'd really like to go!

Does anyone know the locations of the Manhattan BonCHon chicken place as well as the Jackson Heights Unidentified Flying Chicken joint? Really appreciate it!

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  1. The address is in the NY times article. Bon Chon Chicken - 314 Fifth ave (32nd Street) second floor dand 157-18 Northern Blvd (58th Street) Queens

    Unidentified Flying Chicken - 71-22 Roosevelt Ave (71st St) Queens.

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      THanks very much! I guess I must have missed it on the online version. I thought it was strange that the article would feature restaurants without addresses... Thanks again!

    2. There is also a tribeca location: bonbon chicken. It's on Chambers between Church and Broadway.

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        1. Just went to their website and the menu only lists chicken. Do they have anything else such as rice, vegetables? I'm not necessarily looking for a full restaurant menu - I get that it's all about the chicken but was wondering if there was anything to supplement the chicken.

        2. There is a chicken joint called " Baden Baden"on 32nd Street in K-town. I had their chicken before, and they were decent.

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            I like the tong dak (chicken) at baden...its just good simple food

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              Yep... Baden Baden is really the 'original' korean fried chicken joint... was reviewed by Meehan in NYT under $25 section.

              Get a tong dak and an ojingo bokkum (spicy squid stir-fry) and wash it all down w/ a bunch of frosty beverages. And remember, all these places are more about drinking!

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                Went to Baden Baden yesterday. Got the hot chicken wings and the rotisserie chicken (which just means whole deep fried then cleaved into portions). I found the restaurant to be expensive for the area and for the portions. $20 for a large order of hot chicken wings and $15 for a half rotisserie chicken (with choice of fries or onion rings). The meat on the rotisserie chicken was dry, though the skin was phenomenal. Peach and apple yogurt soju, at $18 a bottle, was refreshing. Probably won't go back. Arang has the same quality of food, is cheaper, has a more extensive menu and the novelty of live sushi. Also, I'm going to stick with Chinese fried chicken (usually four whole wings for $3).

                1. re: FoxyWiles

                  Actually rotisserie does mean rotisserie at BBNY. The chicken is cooked twice: first roasted, then fried to order. I think that's why the white meat dries out. The dark meat, though, has always been moist when I've gotten this dish.

                  What are your favorites at Arang? I haven't been there yet.

                  1. re: squid kun

                    Aha! Thanks for the info, Squid Kun. Alton Brown would be shaking his head at their inability to cook a whole chicken without drying out the white meat.

                    I can't tell you what exactly is good at Arang because they don't have a menu on MenuPages and I don't recall the names of the dishes. Sorry. There is a spicy rice noodle and vegetable dish that I always get (the rice noodles are shaped like AA batteries). The crab soup is good too. I can tell you that their service is terrible, but worth putting up with. I've heard that they do offer an all-you-can-eat Korean and sushi lunch, if you want to test the waters. Sushi is decent, but not worth going there solely for that. Btw, the live sushi is just a novelty and not worth the price.

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