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Feb 7, 2007 01:46 PM


We have lived in Tucson for about sixteen months, tried a variety, make that many restaurants. We do have some favorites, but, we are always looking for something new and interesting. Too - has anyone heard of "Ferlitta's (sp)" at Campbell and 5th? We just love Vero Amore on Swan and we were told this is as good, if not better.


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  1. Binky, I think you would have better luck if you mention Tucson in your subject heading. Folks won't know what city you are asking for suggestions about.

    1. Lot's of threads about good food in Tucson, so I'll just reiterate my usual favorites:

      Barrio Grill
      Bistro Zin
      Chars Thai
      Pho 88

      1. We also love Vero Amore. I think you will be disappointed if you try La Ferlitas. We love fleming's,but don't do it the traditional way. We always sit at the bar and share a salad and entree or the spicy shrimp dry. It's more affordable to share and the portions are fine for us. Dale the wine guy has fabulous recommendtions. Also really enjoy the mussels at Vivace. Have had some good sushi at RA recently.