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Feb 7, 2007 01:44 PM

Petit Rouge

I just recently tried a great Italian wine called Le Muraglie from Ezio Voyat. It was highly recommended to me by a friend and it was a nice refreshing change of pace from the wines I had been drinking. The wine is a blend of Petit Rouge, Dolcetto and Gros Wein. Can anyone recommend any other wines that may use petit rouge grapes? I am unable to find much information on that grape variey, very often a search of the name comes up with a variety called petit verdot. Also, what exactly is "gros wein"? Again, I was unable to find much information. Any help appreciated. Thanks

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  1. I think petit rouge and gros wein are both local Valle d'Aosta varieties. Good luck finding many outside of the region, but here's a list:

      1. In "Vines, Grapes & Wines," Jancis Robinson's 1986 classic book, she writes: "Petit Rouge is the red variety of the Aosta valley, ripening fairly late to produce deep-coloured flowery wines without too much acid." (page 210) She does not list "Gros Wein" as either a grape variety or a synonym of one.

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          The above is consistent with the newly published 3rd edition of *The Oxford Companion to Wine*. No entry for Gros Wein or Gros Vein and Petit Rouge defined (by JR) as "fine red grape variety indigenous to the Valle d'Aosta."

        2. What a funny coincidence, we had a bottle last night, a Les Cretes Vallee d'Aoste Torrette 2004. Very light, nice nose, good balance. Interesting fruit.

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            I agree, it is a nice light wine and a great change of pace from the nebbiolo obsession my wife has been having lately. I appreciate the link you provided in your earlier post.

          2. You might also try looking for mondeuse-based reds from the Savoie, or Piedmont's grignolino or ruche-based reds for relatively light, fragrant mountainside alternatives to nebbiolo. I'd love to find here (NY) a Rossesse di Dolceacqua from Liguria--remember it as a particularly delicious aromatic, mid-weight, berryish quaffer.